WHO has communicated that the dreaded Coronavirus might not go soon. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you and your loves ones are safe. This can be done by taking proper precautions like wearing a mask.

Masks have become mandatory for protection against the COVID-19. Anywhere you go, it is essential to wear a mask to protect yourself from germs, toxins, chemicals, harmful bacteria, smoke and contaminants. Swiss Military's 6 layered face mask for corona virus are ideal to keep yourself safe while venturing out. These are specially designed masks for coronavirus protection. They can keep around 95% of particles and bacteria at bay, thereby ensuring enhanced safety. 

These masks reusable and can be washed up to 30 times, making it suitable for long-lasting use. It is advisable to discard these masks after 30 washes as they might lose their effectiveness. 

These face masks for Corona virus are easy and comfortable to wear. There is an adjustable nose clip for a better fit. It will keep your face masks for coronavirus protection in place while wearing it. The mask has a wider face coverage to enhance safety. The innovative vertical split panel and soft edges make them comfortable to use. The fabric
reduces heat build-up and keeps fogging to a bare minimum making wearing for long hours. 

Product dimensions:
18 (CM) x 11 (CM), 20 (CM) x 12 (CM), 24 (CM) x 14 (CM) 
Colour: Black 
Product weight: 6 grams 
Bacteria Filteration Efficiency: 95% 
Particle Filteration Efficiency: 95%



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