Has it ever happened to you that you are at your work or study desk and you accidentally knock over the bottle and spill water everywhere, damaging your important papers or devices? You can now get rid of such accidents with our Guardian Thermal Suction Bottle. The suction water bottle works on all flat and non-porous surfaces such as desks or tables. Its clever grip-pad design reduces spillage occurrence and even if accidentally knocked, these guardian suction bottles will not tip over. 
The spill-free water bottles are insulated to keep their content hot or cold for a longer duration. Made from high-quality steel, these suction water bottles have a capacity of 450 ml. Also, the inner stainless-steel body permits easy cleaning and maintains proper hygiene. The thermal suction bottles are completely safe to use as they are 100% BPA free.

The suction water bottles can also be used as an effective branding and promotional tool by personalising it with the company name or logo. You can browse through our designs to customise your spill free water bottles. Our online price calculator lets you calculate your expenses and helps you stay within your budget. 

Brand: Artiart
Product Name: Guardian
Capacity: 450 ml
Colour: Light Blue
Branding size: 30 MM (W) x 120 MM (H) 
Personalisation technology: Laser Engraving



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