Gift-giving has always been an important part of human behaviour for decades. It represents more than just the item you’re buying for your loved one. Customised new year gifts are getting more popular lately for important occasions. We offer you a wide variety of lovely Customised chocolate gift boxes, Ferrero rocher gift boxes, prime dryfruit gift boxes for your loved ones, and custom corporate gifts for employees.

Whether it’s Diwali or New Year, buying a gift is even more significant. it always represents the special bond you share with them. But choosing the right new year gift can be an exhausting task. We bring you some of the sweetest Customised new year gifts to give a sweet start to this new year.

Why Customised Gifts Are The Best Option?

In a world where everyone is looking for the best gift for their loved one, it’s fairly easy to find a quick gift. But it’s very important that whatever you buy truly represents how you feel about the person. This is where Customised gifts are the best. Customised new year gifts Customisedwould send them jumping with happiness as it’s specially made for them.

Choose from our wide range of chocolate gift boxes, assorted dry fruit box gift packs, prime dryfruit gift boxes, and corporate chocolate gifts to give a memorable present to your loved ones this New year.

Range of Customised Products At PrintStop 

Looking for a perfect gift for the perfect occasion? Printstop offers a wide range of products while keeping an eye on your requirements. Whether you’re looking for new year gifts for employees, corporate chocolate gifts, or Customised chocolate gift boxes for your family, friends, or partners, we have the best options for everything.  

Pick from the various products suitable for a new year and other special occasions. Whether it’s custom corporate gifts for employees or New year’s gifts for employees, there is a product for every special occasion.

15 Best Customised Chocolate boxes

Chocolates have always been given a special place in expressing feelings. No matter in which part of the world you are celebrating, chocolates are a common symbol of love and considered one of the best gifts. Printstop helps you sweeten your special moments with a variety of Customised chocolate gift boxes and corporate chocolate gifts, with the advantage of customising the boxes.

customised new year gifts - fererro rocher boxferrero rocher as valentine's gift

    Ferrero Rocher Moments Box, 12 pieces

    Kick start your festive season by exchanging sweets with your closed ones with a box of confectioneries by giving it a personal touch. Customise the boxes to make them even more special. Refresh your memories with a delicious combination of rich, creamy chocolates with a box of Ferrero Rocher moments box, 12 pieces. Starting at just Rs.290 Only.

    Ferrero  Rocher Moments Box, 24 pieces

    Want to surprise your special girl? Is she a sweet tooth or maybe prefers a healthy snack?  A box of chocolates is just what you need to make this festival memorable for her. Add sparkle to your relationship with the creamy Ferrero rocher moments box, 24 pieces starting at just Rs. 145 Only. This year, express your love to her with this mouth-watering delicious chocolate and tell her how special she is.

    Customised Ferrero Rocher Gift Box, 24 pieces

    Want to make someone feel special with a gift just made for them? The Customised Ferrero Rocher gift box, 24 pieces, is the best pick. Celebrate this new year by gifting a box full of premium quality chocolates and filling their lives with extra sweetness and love. Buy these best chocolates starting at just Rs. 780 Only. Place your order right now.

     9 Pieces Chocolate Box

    Fill the moments with sweetness with this rich and crunchy chocolate box. There are different flavours to appease everyone. Whether you’re looking for the best new year gifts for employees or your family members, this premium 9 pieces chocolate box starts at Rs. 225 Only is the best corporate chocolate gifts options.

    Customising these chocolate boxes for your brand is also simple.  You can choose the design or upload your design to get custom corporate gifts for employees’ boxes or a thoughtful new year gift for your special people.

    15 Pieces Chocolate Box 1

    Throwing a New Year party to your team at work? Celebrate the moments by exchanging a box of happiness with these rich and creamy 15 pieces of chocolate box 1. Customise it for your special ones and watch them enjoy these endearing customised new year gifts. Fill their hearts with sweetness without delicious 15 pieces chocolate box.

     15 Pieces Chocolate box 2

    Are you looking for something special to make this Diwali memorable? Gift your loved ones this 15 pieces of chocolate box 1 to delight their souls and bring a smile to their faces. Whether you want to gift it to your family or friends or use it as corporate chocolate gifts, customising the box is a great idea. Get a memorable gift for special people in your life and make them feel more appreciated this new year.

    18 Pieces Chocolate Box   

    Cherish this festival season with smooth and creamy chocolates. Gift it to your family, friends, employees, and clients by giving it a personal touch. Customise the box with your brand name and use it as a corporate gift item. Keep the celebration sweet by handing out these 18 pieces chocolate box 1 starting at just Rs. 415. Get the customisation done and present your loved ones with a thoughtful and sweet gift that will surely melt their hearts.  

    24 Pieces Chocolate box 1

    Are you throwing a New Year party for your senior associate?  Enhance your gifting experience by customising the boxes. Sharing happiness in exchanging sweets is the best thing you can probably do to make your new year memorable — 24 pieces Chocolate box 1 starting at just Rs. 630 Only

  1. 24 pieces premium Chocolate box

  2.        Make a significant impact in the sweetest possible way. You can easily customise the chocolate boxes as per your need. Whether you want to exchange sweets with your friends and family or share your happiness with employees and clients, this chocolate gift box of chocolates is a perfect choice. Open this exquisite 24 pieces premium Chocolate box and distribute the sweetness amongst your loved ones. You can gift this delicious customised chocolate gift box to your partner and express your love in the sweetest possible way this new year.  These large chocolate boxes serve as the best ideal custom corporate gifts for employees.

    More Gifting Options Of Chocolate Gift Boxes For New Year :

    1. 10 Pieces Chocolate Box
    2. 12 Pieces Chocolate Box
    3. 16 Pieces Chocolate Box 
    4. 18 Pieces Chocolate Box 2
    5. 24 Pieces Chocolate Box 2
    6. 35 Pieces Chocolate Box

    11+ Dry Fruit Boxes As Customised New Year Gifts 

    Dry fruits come with various health benefits. These are packed with essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and other minerals. And nothing tastes better than healthy dry fruits covered with sweet, creamy chocolate. Printstop allows you to choose from a wide range of healthy options so you can keep the sweetness with a touch of healthy stuff.

    customised new year giftscustomised new year gifts - dry fruit boxes

    Delight dry fruit gift box, 200 grams

     These sweets are incredibly delicious yet come with a health risk. Hence, this year convey your love with a box of almonds and cashews as they are highly beneficial for health. Pass on the goodness of healthy premium quality dry fruits and nuts gift pack with Delight dryfruit gift box, 200 grams assorted dry fruit box starting at just 345. Nothing is no healthier gift than dry fruits and nuts gift pack for people that matter the most to you.

    Triple Magic Dryfruit Gift Box, 300 grams

    Show some extra love and care by substituting traditional sweets with dry fruits. They are not just healthy but also signify your care. Enjoy a healthy new year this time with the premium assorted dry fruits gift pack. Bring home the Triple Magic Dryfruit Gift Box, 300 grams starting at 470 only. Gift this prime dryfruit gift box to your favourite customised people and appreciate this healthy and thoughtful gift. Buy them now.

    12. Festive Healthy Dryfruit Gift Box, 400 grams

    New Year is approaching. And most of us are busy looking for the perfect gift that we can give everyone. Well, look no more! These assorted dry fruits gift packs come with many benefits for everyone’s health. Pick this  Festive Healthy DryFruit Gift Box, 400 grams starting at Rs. 675, and make a promise of good health. This prime dryfruit gift box contains assorted dried fruits and nuts, making it an ideal chocolate gift box for your family, friends, or relatives.

    Exotic Dryfruit Gift Box, 450 grams

    Brighten up this festive season with the healthy goodness of dry fruits with this assorted dry fruit box. Show some extra love and care by substituting traditional sweets with dry fruits. They are not just healthy but also signify your care. Get appreciated for this healthy and thoughtful gift. An Exotic Dryfruit Gift Box, 450 grams is one of the best customized new year gifts for your special ones and even serves best as low-budget new year gifts for employees.

    Healthy Dryfruit Gift Box, 600 grams

    Celebrate New year with this beautifully crafted gift box containing premium quality cashews, almonds, raisins, and pistachios. Buy this exclusive pack of Prime Dryfruit Gift Box to give the best gifts this season. Get a Healthy Dryfruit Gift Box, 600 grams for just Rs. 1010. Place your order now.

    Assorted Dryfruit Gift Box, 800 grams

    This classic combo set consists of Cashews, Almonds, Raisins, Pista, Walnuts, and Fig. It is packed with many nutrients to keep the recipients healthy and happy. Get an Assorted Dryfruit Gift Box, 800 grams now, and present a sweet gift to your loved ones with a promise of good health. Buy this classic set of rich and healthy assorted dry fruits and nuts gift packs to give as a new year’s gift to your loved ones. starting at just Rs. 995 Only.

    Grand Diwali Dryfruit Gift Box, 1Kg

    A healthy new year is the best gift for your special ones. Want to surprise your workmates or family with a sweet treat while keeping their health in mind? Get this festive season combo of nuts and dry fruits. Buy Grand Diwali Dryfruit Box, 1Kg now, starting at just 1460 Rs. You can get the personalisation done through the custom gift box services of Printstop and make it more special for your loved ones. 
  3. Large Dryfruit Gift Box, 1.2 KgsEveryone will love and appreciate this perfect gift filled with the richness of dryfuirts and creaminess of the chocolate. Customise the box to give it even more meaning. Get a box of Large Dryfruit Gift Box, 1.2 Kgs, and surprise your loved ones with customised assorted dry fruits gift packs. Make this new year even more exciting for them with these dry fruits and nuts gift packs
  4.  More Customised New Year Gifts Options Of Dryfruit Boxes:

    1. Assorted Dryfruit Gift Box, 300 grams
    2. Premium Dryfruit Gift Box, 450 grams
    3. Prime Dryfruit Gift Box, 600 grams
    4. Family Dryfruit Gift Box, 1 Kg

    FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions For Customised New Year Gifts:

    What is the best gift for the New Year?

    New Year is probably the most exciting part of the year as everyone is starting a fresh one. For such an occasion, customised new year gifts are the perfect option.  Surprise your loved ones with Printstop’s customised Dry fruits and nuts gift pack or Ferrero rocher gift box and greet them for a delighted and healthy new year.

    What should I give to a girl on New Year’s Day?

    Choosing a new year’s gift for a girl can be quite a task as you try your best to make her feel special. Refresh your relationship by giving her a Ferrero Rocher gift box, as it’s been proven one of the best things to gift to a girl. Get it personalised for her with Printstop customisation services to make it more memorable.

    What are the most popular corporate gifts?

    Exchanging gifts has become an essential part of corporate life. It helps strengthen your contacts, make them believe how you think of their services. So why not pick a gift which means something. Relish your business relations with a customised corporate gift for employees and custom corporate gifts offered by Printstop and watch them appreciate your thoughtful and sweet gift.

    How much should I spend on an employee gift?

    If you’re a small business owner or team leader, it can be pretty challenging around the New Year, holidays, and other gift-giving events. You want your employees to be happy, but sometimes, you can’t go overboard with expenses. So, you can pick any product from Printstop’s wide range of custom corporate gifts for employees, corporate chocolate gifts, corporate gifts for employees, or new year gifts for employees to make them feel appreciated. These products suit the best for your pocket while keeping your staff happy.

    What are some new year gifts for employees in the budget?

    Looking for an excellent alternative to ordinary gift cards for your employees while keeping an eye on the pocket? Pick up something from Printstop’s wide range of New Year chocolate gift boxes which come in several quantities according to your budget. Pick up New Year gifts for employees, personalised for them, keep your employees close to you, and the work relationships sweet.