Businesses are built on people. If you are a business owner, no matter how small or large-scale a business you run, you know that having a good team is always a plus. And now that we have agreed on this part, we know why are you here! It is always an amazing idea to reward your people with some little token of appreciation. At PrintStop, we have a wide range of custom merchandise for businesses. Right from customisable t-shirts to mugs and diaries, we have every custom merchandise you need for your startup or business.

Buy Custom Merchandise For Your Business At PrintStop

These customisable merchandises are available for bulk orders. You can upload your own designs or use our designing tool to customise t-shirts or other merchandise options.

1. Bulk Order Customised T-Shirts | Buy Custom Apparel For Your Business

customised merchandise for employees - full sleeve polo tshirt

customised tshirts for women | custom merchandise for startups

Now you can personalise t-shirts or make promotional company t-shirts with a logo by using our designing tool. To start making customised tshirts, you first need to log in to our website The process is quite simple after that:

  • Select a suitable size of the t-shirt.
  • Fill in the project name (company name or purpose for your design).
  • Upload your logo file and click on continue.
customised tshirts

Note: Please follow the designing instructions on the product page about size, specification, and others.

Choose from a great range of customisable t-shirts at PrintStop that you can print online!

  1. Print Customised Polo Neck Tshirts At Affordable Prices For Employees
  2. Print Customised Round Neck Tshirts At Affordable Prices For Employees
  3. Print Puma Plain Polo For Employees
  4. Print Puma Train Colour Block Polo Tshirts For Employees
  5. Print Full Sleeves Cotton Polo Tshirts For Employees

You can select from multiple color options, types of branding and finally place your order for printing.

The order will be placed and delivered within 7 days.

Start making customisable t-shirts for your business here and now!

2. Personalised Photo Frames – Best Custom Merchandise For A Retiring Employee

Another great custom merchandise option can be a personalised photo frame for your employees. These photo frames could come with the company logo or the company’s vision and mission. When these customised photo frames will sit on your employee’s desks, that will be a perfect motivation for them!

customised photo frames

personalised photo frames

Also, a personalised photo frame can be a forever memory for a retiring employee!

At PrintStop, you can design photo frames online, print them, and can get them delivered to your doorstep. It’s really easy.

Here is a step by step process to customise photo frames via PrintStop:

  1. Login on PrintStop’s website
  2. Go to the Personalised Photo Frames page and click on upload your own design
  3. Select a suitable size, enter a project name and upload your design (select the file on your desktop/phone)
  4. Click and continue (and see the magic happening)

Yes. You can print customised photo frames almost in 4 easy steps. What are you waiting for then?

Note: Please read size and printing-related instructions on the page before you place an order!

3. Customised Cups/Mugs For Employees

Imagine any one of your employees sipping a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning in a customised mug or cup. Won’t that be a kickstart to their workday?

PrintStop has ready-made designs for you to select from. You can also add a photo of the coffee mugs and cups. These personalised coffee mugs will be a statement of your brand.

customised mugs for employees

customised mugs for employees

You can either

  • Browse PrintStop’s designs
  • Make Your Own Design
  • Upload Your Own Design

Go ahead and have a great creative time designing these!

4. Customised Tote Bags For Employees

Tote bags are rare and unique! Not all employers think of a customised tote bag for their employees! A Tote Bag will be a style statement of your brand or business whenever an employee will step out with it.

These Tote Bags are available in 2 shades:

  1. Two-tone Tote Bag 
  2. Black Shopping Bag 
tote bags ccustomised for companies

customised tote bags for employees

These customisable tote bags are easy to design with PrintStop. You can personalise these tote bags for your employees by printing your brand’s name and logo on it through our design tool.

Shop Customisable Tote Bags now.

5. Customised Laptop Bags For Employees

As offices are re-opening, laptops bags are needed for the daily commute. Also, customised laptop bags that have your company’s logo printed on them are great promotional material!

personalized bagpack

custom backpacks

Well, you will be stunned by looking at our huge series of laptop bags.

a. Wildcraft Laptop Bags –

PrintStop has many options for Wildcraft Laptop Bags. You can check it out here!

b. Anti-theft Laptop Bag –

As the name suggests, it is made to keep thieves away! Check the Killer Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack out here!

c. Workstation Laptop Bag –

These workstation Laptop Bags are easy to carry and great looking! Check out Killer Workstation Laptop Bag here!

d. Leather Duffel Laptop Bag –

Now that can be a “work in style” kind of a statement with this premium leather duffel laptop bag! What do you think?

e. Alpha Unisex Backpack – This is suitable for both ladies and gents and is lightweight and durable. Check out the Alpha Unisex Lightweight and Durable Laptop Bag.

Some other Laptop Bags For Employees:

  1. A  Personalised Laptop Backpack
  2. Fuzo Laptop Backpack – Neo
  3. Fuzo Cubical Laptop Bag
  4. Roadgods Ghost Laptop Bag (Daring Texture)
  5. Carthorse Convertible Grey Laptop Sleeve Bag
  6. Foldable Backpack IPACY 2.0
  7. Killer Briefcase Bag

6. Customised Diaries For Employees

Who does not love customized diaries and notebooks?

It is one of the most useful gifts for employees! They can utilize these diaries to organize their work, make to-do lists, take meeting notes, etc. PrintStop has a series of customized diaries you can choose from:

a. Wire-o-Diary – These are Personalised Spiral Bound Diaries. You can upload your own design and order a bulk print order for these diaries as a perfect corporate merchandise option.

b. Hardcover perfect bound diary  – These diaries have hardcovers. These are also customisable diaries. You can either choose from our range of designs or upload your own.

c. Rubber band style diary – These diaries come with a rubber band, which looks quite cool! The rubber band can be used as a bookmark too! You can print rubber band diaries online with PrintStop. We have a great variety of ready-made designs. You can also upload your own.

d. Customisable Notebooks  – The last option is customised notebooks. How about printing customised notebooks that match your personality? Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it!

Upload your own design or choose from ours! The choice is yours!

7. Customised Hoodie For Employees

Another great customised apparel option for your business will be a hoodie! Hoodies are loved by all. Hoodies are a great example of fashion plus usability! As the winter season is coming, why don’t you browse through these custom print ruffy hoodies.

We have standard colors and combos that are perfect for a corporate merchandise option. You can upload your logo file on our design tool and get started!

Final Words

Choosing the best merchandise option for employees was never easy! But we have tried to give you the best customisable merchandise options possible. We hope you like them! See you for your next customised shopping!