Stationery items are one of the essential parts of any business. Big or small, every business needs some specific office supplies. They help your employees to perform their tasks more conveniently. One easy way of doing it is to choose the best stationery items for your office.  At Printstop, you can choose the best office stationery online.  

But, choosing the best stationery items for your office can be a hassle sometimes as there are numerous categories to choose from. We offer you the best office stationery items list to choose the most suitable business essentials for your office.

With PrintStop, you can also purchase customized stationery online. Personalized stationery online in India has become one of the best ways to grow and modernize your business. It gives your business supplies a personal touch and helps you spread.


Must-Have Office Stationery Items List

Printstop provides you with a healthy range of office stationery online. Check out this stationery items list for businesses. And pick ideal customized stationery online.

Category: Envelopes – Give Your Business Envelopes a Stunning Look

Envelopes are the first thing the recipient sees and give them an image of your professionalism. Instead of using a plain envelope, custom-designed envelopes are preferable. Printstop can help you with that.

  1.   Envelopes (#10)
  2. Documents are constantly being passed from one person to the next in a workplace. While the contents of these documents are important, it’s also important how we send them. This is why you should always design your business envelopes immaculately.
  3. Printstop brings you the highest quality
  4. envelopes (#10)
  5.   for all your business needs.  You can print these envelopes online by choosing from a wide range of envelope templates or by using your custom design.
  6. Envelopes (A4)
  7. Envelopes have a significance in presenting formal documents appropriately. They give a strong message about your business to the receivers. These customized envelopes (A4) size make you look professional and also helps you promote your business.
  8. With enticing prices of 100 A4 Envelopes for just Rs. 5000, you can boost the exposure and reach of your business by customizing them with your brand name and logo.
  9. Envelopes (C5)
  10. Customized envelopes make you look professional and always leave a good impression behind. Printstop’s Envelopes (C5) are high-quality designer envelopes that allow you to stand out from the competition. Available in varied hues, these envelopes carry your important business letters and documents in style.
  11. You can customize your envelopes by simply uploading your designs, or you can choose from available custom designs on our website. 100 C5 envelopes are available for just Rs. 2200. Place your order now.
  12. Business Essentials – Customized Stationery Items List for Business
  13. Printstop offers a wide range of business essentials that will make your office work easy and handier. This stationery items list for business includes all the essential items you must have in your office.
  14. Letterheads
  15. By including a letterhead in your office stationery, you can make your documents look more professional and promote your brand name further.
  16. Printstop letterheads printing service provides you with the highest quality of customized letterheads printed on the finest paper. You can choose some pre-existing templates available with us, or you also have the option to upload your letterhead design online.
  17. The letterheads are available in various paper options such as standard, bond, textured, and recycled. Choose your desired design and get your business a decent-looking letterhead. 50 Letterheads Starting at just Rs. 300.
  18. How Do I Print Business Letterheads?
  19. A business letterhead is the identity of your company. It strengthens your brand’s image in the eyes of your target audience. As a result, your letterhead should be unique and professional. Printing business letterheads is now an easy task with Printstop. We ensure that your business letterheads make a fine first impression on the reader. 
  20. Our wide range of design templates enables you to choose exactly how you want your business letterhead to look. Or just create your design, upload it, and we will customize and personalize it for your business needs.  
  21. Letterpads
  22. Even in this age of electronic mails, Smartphones, and chats, communication through letterpads hold its place firmly.
  23. You can choose the best-suited
  24. letterpads
  25. according to your business with multiple customization options. You can add your brand logo, watermark, tag lines, and contact details. Starting at just Rs. 49.
  26. Pre-Inked Stamps
  27. The stamps are a significant part of office stationery as it provides validity and credibility to the documents. It also displays the authority of your brand on important documents.
  28. Printstop provides you with smudge-free pre-inked stamps to avoid the unnecessary mess on your important documents. Use it on your bills or other products and get a fine print every time.
  29. You can create your stamp designs or choose from pre-designed templates for your pre-inked stamps, starting from Rs. 195 onwards.
  30. Sticky Notes
  31. Who isn’t familiar with sticky notes in an office environment? These little colorful sticky papers are beneficial as reminders, task lists, important notes? They are easy to use, portable, and work on any smooth surface without leaving any mark.
  32. Get your personalized sticky notes in various colors with your brand name and logo printed on them. You can also use it as a giveaway gift to your clients or employees.
  33. Combo Packages – Exciting Combo Packages for Business Essentials
  34. Printstop also provides you with various combo packs of office stationery online for your company.
  35. Our combo packages of office supplies help you elevate the perception of your brand. You can easily print customized office stationery online on PrintStop by uploading your design by choosing from preloaded templates.
    1. Standard Combo 1 – Rs. 1,850/- 
    2. Standard Combo 2 – Rs. 5,400/- 
    3. Spot Combo 1 – Rs. 4,500/- 
    4. Spot Combo 2 – Rs. 8,500/- 
    5. Premium Combo 1 – Rs. 2,500/- 
    6. Premium Combo 2 – Rs. 13,000/-
  36. Notebook and diaries – Customized Diaries and Notebooks for Your Office
  37. Regardless of the profession, notebooks and diaries are still quite popular amongst students, office employees, and other professionals to keep personal notes. PrintStop is one of the best stationery websites in India, which offers you a variety of customized notebooks and diaries at exciting prices. Check out this Stationery items list for business. 
  38. Wire-O-Diary
  39. Wire-o-diaries can be used as a daily note keeper, promotional item for your brand, or even a gift to your employees or clients. At Printstop, you can print these spiral-bound hardcover or softcover diaries with the premium quality of pages.
  40. You can choose from a wide variety of template designs which you can also customize with your company artwork or logo. You can also upload your design to print Wire-O-Diary explicitly designed for yourself.
  41. Spiral Bind Diary Printing for 20 diaries starting at just Rs 2500.
  42. Hard Cover Perfect Bound Diary
  43. Even though there are a handful of digital tools available, a diary still has its importance. Printstop provides you a highly durable hardcover perfect bound diary with the finest page quality, which you can customize to include your company logo, name, and other details.
  44. You can upload your design or get a finely personalized design made by our design partner, Pehchaan. Get your custom-made hardcover perfect bound diaries now.
  45. Rubberband Style Diary

    If you are looking for a good-looking diary with utilities, a Rubberband style diary is the one for you. The rubber serves as a bookmark as well as a way to keep the notebook closed. Printstop offers you a wide range of ready-made designs which you can also customize with your brand logo, artwork, or other details. Print 50 rubberband style diaries for just Rs 12850.

  46. Notebooks

    No matter how far we’ve come into the digital world, the importance of handwritten notes is unmatched. Notebooks are the must-have stationery items for the office to write down a quick thought or make notes during an important meeting. You can upload your design or use Printstop preloaded template designs to get a customized notebook for you. Give your office stationery a personal touch and leave the best impression on everyone. Buy custom notebooks starting from just Rs. 79.

  47. Kraft Desk Accessories – Best Desk Stationery Items for Office
  48. Printstop provides a good range of products to decorate your desk or give as a gift to your employees or corporate friends. If you are looking for customized stationery online, here is the best office stationery items list.
  49. Rectangle Kraft Pad
  50. Rectangle kraft pad
  51. is one of the top-selling corporate gift items among office stationery online. It works like a phone cover holding a pen, sticky notes, post It markers, and a notepad inside it. You can personalize it with your name, motivational quotes, or artwork.
  52. Standard Kraft Organizer
  53. Printstop’s Standard kraft Organizer includes a highlighter, U-Pins, stapler, sticky notes, post-it markers, sharpener, and a printed calendar leaflet. You can easily customize the front cover of the kraft organizer using personalized designs and templates. It’s a good gifting option and comes in handy if your work involves loads of travel. 
  54. Give the standard kraft organizer a personal touch using customization services for your office stationery online at Prinstop. Place your order now.
  55. Sticky Notes House

  56. More Kraft Desk Accessories:
  58. Personal Stationery – Best Personal Stationery Items for Office
  59. If you are looking for personal stationery items for office or personalized stationery online in India, you are in the right place. Here are some best personal customized stationery online.
  60. Money Envelopes
  61. When you are giving cash as a gift, Money Envelopes are classy and stylish accessories. Whether it’s weddings, religious events at home, or birthday celebrations, customized money envelopes are an outstanding choice. 
  62. With PrintStop, you can easily customize the envelopes according to your need. Simply choose a custom design or upload an excellent design to get the best-personalized stationery online in India.
  63. Buy 30 Money Envelopes for just Rs. 900. Place your order right away.
  64. Folded Note Cards
  65. Folded Note Cards are an elegant and unique way to show your admiration and appreciation towards your loved ones, boss, or employees. At printstop, you can personalize the folded notes names of your employees, friends, and family. You can custom print your address, social and other details on the back of folded note cards.
  66. Other Personalised Stationery Items Online
  67. Printstop offers various personalized stationery online in India that helps you grow your business.
    1. Folders / Dockets
    2. Certificates
    3. Paper Files
  68. Other Similar Stationery Items:
  69. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Office Stationery Shopping
    • How do I create stationery for my business?
  70. Ans. There are many things that you need to keep in mind while creating stationery for your business. Make sure your stationery is relaying the most precise message possible in the most stylish way possible. If you want to get your office stationery online, Prinstop is one of the best stationery websites in India, which allows you to get the best-customized stationery online. You can choose from the variety of premium paper, the different sizes, and paper qualities for your business to give it a fresh look.  
    • What makes a good stationery design?
  71. Ans. Your office stationery is a part of your brand which you can hold in your hand. Since you can use stationery for important communiqués, their designs should be professional, trendy, and impactful without overwhelming the actual message written on the page. 
  72. Your stationery design should reflect the image of your business. Printstop helps you choose from various ready-made templates which we can customize according to your business needs. 
    •  What stationery does a business need?
  73. Ans. Being in a professional environment, stationery items for your office carry a lot of meaning. They represent the essence of how you do the business. There is a list of office stationery items your business needs, including folders, letterheads, envelopes, diaries, paper files, etc. 
  74. Prinstop offers you a wide range of stationery items for the office. You can customize the stationery to your liking with our custom design or your designs.