Notebooks or diaries are universal items used by people across all professions. And when you tryout custom notebook printing, you will find out that they not only work as a wonderful gift but also offer an amazing way to promote your brand.

When it comes to custom notebook printing, you might find many websites or brands providing the services, but you must opt for the one that is the best. Whether for personal or promotional purposes, it is tough to find cost-effective and cheap custom notebooks anywhere. At PrintStop, we provide you the flexibility to customise the designs or make your own design.

Why Should You Choose Custom Notebook Printing?

There are a variety of reasons why your organisation will benefit from custom notebooks:

  • Personalisation makes the product unique. If you are giving a personalised notebook with your logo and adding the recipient’s name on it, they will feel highly connected with your brand.
  • Logo printed notebooks act like a marketing collateral that will make your brand visible throughout the year. Not just the people who have your custom notebooks, but people who see these notebooks might also get interested about your brand.
  • Printing your own custom notebook also gives you an opportunity to showcase your brand values. You should print your values on the inside page and hand over the notebooks to the customers. It will help you talk about your brand and make your clients or potential customers curious about your business or services.

Your Guide to Custom Diary Printing

Personalised notebooks are a wonderful option for a giveaway or brand promotions. Notebooks are used by professionals across regions to take notes in meetings, write information when out of the office, or simply create to-do lists for the day, all of which helps to increase a person’s productivity. This not only results in a more productive, but also a more organised workforce.

To create your own journal, you get ample freedom and flexibility to work according to your designs. With great options such as Wire-O-Diary and Hardcover Perfect Bound Diary, there’s no chance that your gift recipients won’t be impressed. The added personalisation from your side will enhance the aesthetic of these notebooks. Also, the premium finish on the custom notebook printing done by us will work as a cherry on the top.

We can help you make customised diaries depending on the usage and preferences:

1. Dated customised diaries

If you are giving notebooks to a group of people who are part of several meeting and discussions each day, and need to keep notes to keep a track of each day, dated diaries will work well for them. It will help them know what they did on each day in 2022. We have several options to give dated personalised notebooks. Pick from

2. Diary gift sets

If you want to make the recipient feel extra special, you can opt for these gift sets.  Each set contains different things like wallet, key ring, or a pen. But each product is quite essential all the users. You can explore the Viva Gift Set – Diary (Matt Texture) available on our website.

3. Customised diaries with ringbinders

Ringbinders enhance the shelf life of your diaries. You can use the same dairy cover and just replace the papers each time. There’s no need to do custom notebook printing each year. Customising the dairies is also very simple. You can upload your logo on the cover to get notebook cover printing done easily. You can pick our viva icon ringbinder notebook for that perfect gift.

How to upload your own design to print peronalised notebook?

You can upload the design for your own customised notebook in a few simple steps:

  • Select the product (Diary/Notebook) of your choice from the provided options.
  • Select the first option available on the right side of the screen, named ‘Upload Your Designs’.
  • Carefully go through the upload instructions and make sure that your digital file aligns with them.
  • Select the size of the customised notebooks and enter the ‘Project Name’.
  • Now, upload your files in the given formats. Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Select the quantity, cover type, and packaging option.
  • Log in if you are an existing customer or Register if you are a first-time user.
  • Enter your credentials and click move to the payment options. Your order will be placed.

Such easy custom notebook printing not only makes your promotional activities efficient but also saves time and energy. Many large and small enterprises have already chosen PrintStop for personalised merchandise because of its amazing and affordable notebook cover printing services. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order today and get doorstep delivery.

If you are stuck somewhere, these FAQs will help you:

1. How much does a custom notebook cost?

Ans: For a minimum order of 20, you get a starting price of Rs. 2500. However, the price will come down if you increase the quantity. So, we suggest you buy in bulk to get cheap custom notebooks.

2. Can I customise a notebook?

Ans. You can create your won journal in a few easy steps. Refer to the steps given above and customise your own notebook.

3. How do I create a custom journal?

Ans. You have a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing your own notebook. There are 2 options for you to choose from. You can either upload your own design or take help from the designing team, Pehchaan.

4. How do you print a notebook?

Ans. We use advanced techniques to add the designs of your choice on the cover of your selected diaries.

5. What is a photo notebook?

Ans. A photo notebook is a kind of custom notebook with photographs on the cover. You can get photo notebook printing done by us.

6. How do I print a notebook?

Ans. To print a notebook, you need to follow some instructions provided on our website. You can even create a custom design on your own with the help of a design software and upload it.

7. How do you make a personalised journal?

Ans. Select the most suitable design either from our default templates or upload your design to print journals.

8. How much does a custom notebook cost?

Ans. We have different minimum quantity options available for different notebooks. Each notebook costs you around Rs. 100-250.

9. How much does it cost to get a book spiral bound?

Ans. At PrintStop, ordering a total of 20 notebooks will cost you around Rs. 2500 based on the customisation required. Per notebook costs you Rs. 125.

10. How do you make a spiral-bound book at home?

Ans. You can make a spiral book at home by punching some holes at one corner of the paper and taking a spiral coil through them.

If you have any more questions, reach out to us at