Ambrane power bank Stylo 20K has a massive battery capacity. The 20000 mAh battery will help you charge any device multiple times. There are minimal chances of you running out of power if you are carrying this 20000 mAh Ambrane power bank. 

The Ambrane power bank Stylo 20K charges three devices at the same time. The 20W power delivery will ensure quick charging. For instance, it can bring your new iPhone or Android device back to 50% in as quickly as 30 minutes. The power bank itself can get charged in 7 to 8 hours.

Additionally, the chipset of this Ambrane Power Bank Stylo 20K’s body is protected with 12 layers. The outer body is built with strong ABS plastic and rubberised material on the top layer that makes it more stable and scratch resistant while giving you a strong grip. It is compatible with all devices that can be charged via a Type C port or USB.

Branding area: 3' (W) x 3' (H)
Personalisation type: UV Printing
Colour: Black

Note: The product will have a one year warranty. Refer the details given on the packaging to avail that. 



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