Portronics Auto 14 Wireless Audio Adapter is a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter adapter used for broadcasting audio output from one device to another device wirelessly. The two modes can allow you to broadcast as well receive audio from non-Bluetooth devices.

Portronics Auto 14 is like an audio receiver for a music system. It can be connected to an iPod or music player. Portronics Auto 14 can be connected to wired speakers, headphones, a home theatre system, a mobile device, an mp3 player, or any of your favourite media players. In a few seconds, your non-Bluetooth device will support Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth transmitter and receiver is just a plug-and-play device. Say, if you want to use it with car’s audio system, plug the audio cable into the car's 3.5mm jack input, and switch on the device (put it in receiving mode). Then switch on the car's music system and play anything on your smartphone / Bluetooth device through the car's speakers.

Portronics Auto 14 Wireless Audio Adapter has a built-in battery that can last upto 10 hours. Buy them now. 

Branding area: 2 (W) x 2 (H) inch 
Personalisation type: UV Printing
Colour: Black

Note: The product comes with a one year warranty.



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