COVID-19 has changed the way world functions. People are expected to maintain social distancing in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. The normal workplace rules have changed too. Earlier, there used to be many people working in an office and everyone was working in close proximity. Now, with social distancing norms, people need to maintain a considerable physical distance from their co-workers. Not just offices, other places like malls, cinema halls, banks, government departments, etc, see a lot of people and social distancing needs to be practised even there.

You can ensure that social distancing is being maintained by placing floor stickers in your office. Place these custom floor stickers about 2 meters apart so that the risk of virus transmission is minimized. The stickers can indicate where a person needs to stand/sit. The floor stickers can be used at various places like lunch area, cafeteria, smoking zones, meeting rooms, conference halls, lobby, etc. Even the grocery stores, medicals and banks can make use of custom floor stickers to keep people at a safe distance from one another.
There are some ready-to-use templates for floor stickers. You can even upload your own design to get custom floor stickers.



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