No matter what, one thing will never cease to be obsolete and that is an umbrella. It has been used for ages and is still very much relevant. Thanks to its functionality.

Umbrellas are useful throughout the year and people all around the globe use an umbrella in their everyday lives. From hot sunny afternoons to drizzling evenings, an umbrella can protect you from the extreme weather. This is the beauty of umbrellas. Therefore, we introduce you to this metal handle umbrella with a 23-inch arch that protects you from heavy downpours as well as scorching heat. It is a perfect travel umbrella, very easy to carry, and highly portable. The lightweight and good grip of the metal handle makes it an ideal choice for any kind of weather condition. 

The umbrella is built with very durable material, which wouldn't let the water leak through it, and comes with a strong and sturdy handle that keeps protecting you even when there are strong winds. The umbrellas are unisex with a very simple and sophisticated design so that people from different backgrounds can use them every day. 

You can customise the umbrellas with your brand name and logo or any other information of your choice, depending on your requirement. Branded umbrellas make a great promotional gift. They please customers and employees of all age groups, gender, class, and professions.

So, place your order now and try this cost-efficient promotional product to get some amazing leads for your business.
Personalisation type : Digital Printing
Branding area : 5' (W) x 5' (H) 
Colour : Blue, White, Black, Orange and Green



will ship out in
20 Days
(Mon - Sat)