Eco-friendly Rainbow Pencils,
(single pack containing 500 individual pencils)

The best way to contribute towards environmental sustainability is by making a few small changes at an individual level, like switching from regular plastic or wood pencils to recycled paper pencils. These rainbow pencils are handmade from recycled paper and hence, they are 100% eco-friendly. Not only are these recycled paper pencils good for the environment, but they look stylish and colourful at the same time. Every time you sharpen this pencil, you will get a beautiful paper rainbow. Interesting, isn’t it?

It is every parent’s responsibility to teach their children early on about the importance of reducing waste and using eco-friendly products. The recycled paper pencils can be the first step your child takes towards sustainability as children start using pencils right from the pre-primary school.

Since pencils are also used in offices, every enterprise should also consider going green by using eco-friendly rainbow pencils. By printing the company’s name or logo on the recycled paper pencil, it can be leveraged as a promotional tool. To get a personalized rainbow pencil, all you need to do is just upload your logo or text.

Once you place the order, your recycled paper pencils will be delivered to you right at your doorstep. The online price calculator tab lets you check your overall order costs. You can even order these rainbow pencils in bulk.

Let’s move towards a greener world one step at a time, or should we say one rainbow pencil at a time?

Branding size: 5MM (W) x 0.5MM (H)
Personalisation technology: Screen Printing
MOQ: 1 pack of 500 pencils



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