Do you like to relish your favourite food while it is still warm? For the regular office employees, it often becomes a hassle to reheat the food. Not only does it affect the actual taste but is also considered unhealthy as there might be some toxic chemicals in the material of your regular tiffin boxes. So, what’s better than carrying your lunch in a BPA-free box with a reheating facility? 
This Power Plus Electra lunch box is the only thing you need if you like to enjoy your food irrespective of where you are. Nobody likes to have cold and soggy vegetables during a hectic day at work. The Electra electric lunch box comes with 3 Microwaveable containers made with food grade plastic. You can reheat the containers if you want to. The electric lunch box is a must-buy for all students and office goers as it has insulated walls to keep the food’s temperature constant for a longer time. 
The additional high power heating function and the easy plug-in allows you to heat the food on the go. There is no need to seek a microwave or gas stove to do the same. The high-quality containers ensure that the food remains fresh. You can even customise this lunch box for gifting purposes. Add logos, artworks, or names on the box and give it a personal touch. By looking at the quality of this portable electric lunch box, the gift recipients are bound to thank you. The personalised lunch box is a perfect gift for your employees in this festive season. 

Branding area : 3’ (W) x 2’ (H)
Personalisation type : Screen Printing
Colour: Red
Product size in cms: 20.1"(H) X 13.8"(W) X 13.8"(B)




will ship out in
 10 Days
(Mon - Sat)