Quite often we forget to charge our phones before stepping out of our houses. So, there is a chance that our phone battery will be exhausted in the middle of the day. Another situation that most of us do not want to get into is the battery of our headphones or cell phones dying in the middle of a journey. That is the most irritating thing. To solve all such problems, EVM introduced this EnPocket power bank with a battery capacity of 3000mah. It is the best power bank for daily commuters and office-goers. This product is very economical and can easily be afforded by all. The sleek and compact body makes it easy to carry anywhere. It takes very little space so you can easily slip it into your bags or pockets and take them wherever you go. It is very lightweight and made using highly durable material. The case has high structural strength and can withstand collisions. This prevents the power bank from getting any physical damage. 

The power bank is elegantly designed and looks exceptionally beautiful. You can use it to gift your friends, family, employees, and clients. We provide a customised version of the product. You can customise the power bank as per your requirement and use it in multiple ways to market your brand.

Personalisation type: Digital UV Print 
Branding area: 2.5' (W) x 4' (H)
Colour: White
Warranty: One Year Manufacturing Warranty  



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