An organised work environment has to be more than just visual cleanliness. Keeping things orderly is an important aspect to make your day productive. Investing in a wooden pen holder for a desk to easily declutter your working space is a wise choice. Your desk will be neat and would motivate you to work for hours without getting lazy. 

Basic products such as these desk organisers help you keep everything in one place. The most amazing feature is that it is 3 in 1 product that holds your visiting cards, pens and also has a calendar attached to it. All three can be brought separately, but isn’t it lovely and more logical to get all of this in one product? 

This product is ideal for segregating business cards to look for contact numbers of people you may want to connect with. Business cards usually tend to get lost very easily. But when you keep them in this organiser, it becomes simple for you to look for them. 

This pen stand for office will help you keep your favourite pens in one place and within your reach. You won't have to search for them in case of emergencies. It inculcates a habit of staying organised at all times. The attached calendar comes in a circular form with a rotating disc. You can keep changing the months and days accordingly. This one-of-a-kind product will surely make your life smooth and hassle-free. It works as an amazing gift on special occasions. Add custom elements such as company logos and other designs and get ready to make a good impression on people. Order now! 

Branding area: 3' (W) x 1' (H)
Personalisation type: Laser Engraving
Product size in cms: 8.5"(H) X 5"(W) X 3"(B)
Note: The calendar can be customised with the year you prefer.



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