Do you struggle with waking up every morning? Being lethargic is a part of human tendency but it might lead to delay in the further schedule of the day. Lenovo brings you one of the best innovations of the current times. The Lenovo smart clock is a one-stop solution to correct your sleeping pattern. This digital smart clock is designed to decrease smartphone screen-time at night. Thus, you wake up feeling energetic in the morning with ample sleep.

A smart digital table clock that allows seamless connectivity with over 10,000 smart home devices. The clock coordinates with the Google Assistant from the comfort of your bed and voice. The product also acts as a smart alarm clock. Simply set alarms hands-free with the voice activation through the Google Assistant and ensure zero time-wastage. Instead of giving you an instant headache, with the display type of IPS AntiGlare LED Backlight, the screen brightness gradually increases. If you ever feel lazy, just tap the snooze or dismiss option.

The Lenovo smart clock with Google Assistant allows you to know the weather forecast, news, traffic, and other updates. The Lenovo digital clock makes your home smarter with the latest technology packed in it. The 10.16cm @ 480x800 WVGA IPS Touchscreen Display makes it comfortable for viewing. The smart speaker alarm clock gives you alarm suggestions according to the pre-saved alarms. The voice controlling feature allows you to follow a proper night routine by dimming the lights, playing music, and whatnot!

Branding area : 4’ (W) x 4’ (H)
Personalisation type : Metal Engraved Plate
Color : Black
Note : This product comes with one year warranty. For any warranty related issues, please call the Lenovo Customer Support.



will ship out in
 15 Days