Having a calendar on your desk is important to keep you on track and prevent you from missing any deadlines. In this digital age, there are many applications and even our smartphones have an in-built calendar. But, it is very inconvenient and also rude to always take out your mobile phone to check what day is it. An actual calendar helps you plan your schedule and also decorates your desk.  

This wooden table calendar will remind you of important dates so that you can plan your routine. It comes in the form of a flat slate with all the months and days printed on it. You can simply drag the slider to change the month and dates. Unlike the older desk calendars, it is a one-time investment. It also reduces the use of paper. 

The durability of this customised table calendar speaks for itself because it is very well-crafted. The imprinted letters and numbers won’t wear off. You can send these as promotional gifts to your potential stakeholders. The clients will be happy to receive such a unique product and unlike the mainstream showpieces, it will be used daily. You can add custom elements such as brand logos or artworks on this. 

Desk calendars are a very different choice when it comes to promotional gifting. They will help you stay in the minds of your audience for an entire year. Order now! 

Branding area: 3' (W) x 1' (H)
Personalisation type: Laser Engraving
Product size in cms: 5"(H) X 7"(W) X 2"(B)
Note: The calendar can be customised with the year you prefer.



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