Eco-friendly Color Pencils
(single pack containing 500 individual pencils)

What if we told you that the newspapers you read every day could be used to make eco-friendly coloured pencils? We live in a world where climate change has become a huge problem and it’s high time we rethink our practices. Every individual should strive to adapt to sustainable living practices. Just like charity begins at home, the practice towards achieving sustainability must begin at home. Use our coloured pencils which are 100% made from newspapers. Wooden colour pencils cause great harm to the environment and lead to deforestation and so, you must choose the greener alternative i.e. Eco-friendly coloured pencils. 

These colour pencils are as functional and colourful as the regular ones. Not only are these coloured pencils ecological for nature, but they’re also safe for the children. Normally, a child tends to put things like toys, pencils, etc in his mouth. The eco-friendly coloured pencils are made up of edible food colours, making them absolutely safe, secure and child friendly. 

You can now personalize your coloured pencils with a child’s name on it. This would make it a great gift to give your loved ones. It will make your coloured pencils look much more fun and attractive. Even large enterprises can choose to get customized colour pencils as promotional gifts for their clients or employees who love art. Whenever a person spots anyone using the eco-friendly coloured pencils customised with the company name or logo, it will help in increasing brand recognition. 

Branding size: 5MM (W) x 0.5MM (H)
Personalisation technology: Screen Printing



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