Today, anyone who owns a mobile phone needs power banks. It has become a basic need of everyday commuters. You never know when your cell phones may run out of battery and leave you in some serious problem. It is important to keep your phones charged always to avoid missing out on any important call. This highly efficient Enduro power bank is a true saviour. It has a powerful battery capacity of 20000mAh. The modern design and sleek body make it easy for anyone to carry it around. It takes very little space and prevents your devices from running out of power. 
It prevents your work from being interrupted due to lack of battery backup. You can customise the power bank with your brand logo and name and use it as an effective marketing tool. 

Everyone loves receiving highly useful gifts. One of the best gift options that you can consider in this technology-driven era is a customised power bank. 
We give you the best products possible and this Enduro power bank is no exception. Use it as a corporate gift and gain the attention of the recipients. Place your orders now!

Personalisation type: Digital UV Print 
Branding area: 4' (W) x 6' (H) 
Colour: Black
Warranty: One Year Manufacturing Warranty  



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