Fruit Scented Pencils
(single pack containing 500 individual pencils)

Normal pencils can be a little boring. It might be difficult for you to make your kids focus on their studies. It would help a lot if you add some fun to their study regimen. Even making small changes like using fruit pencils instead of normal pencils will help a great deal.

These fruit scented pencils are naturally coloured so you won't have to worry about toxicity. 

The fruit pencils not only enhance the learning experience of children but at the same time, they contribute towards creating a greener world. The scented pencils are 100% eco-friendly as they are made from recycled paper and not from wood. These pencils are light-weight and give a smooth writing experience. Just because the fruit pencils are made from recycled paper, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. The fruit scented pencils are attractive and environment friendly at the same time. 

The cherry on the cake is that these scented pencils can be customized online. All you need to do is just upload your logo or any other text that you want and it will appear on the pencil. For enterprises which have adopted a sustainability goal, these eco-friendly fruit scented pencils with the company name or logo, make for a great promotional gift. They can even use it for charity purposes. 

You can even order the scented pencils in bulk. The online price calculator lets you keep a realistic tab on your expenses.

Branding size: 5MM (W) x 0.5MM (H)
Personalisation technology: Screen Printing
MOQ: 1 pack of 500 pencils




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05 Days
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