People who travel frequently know that charging their devices in other countries is a challenge. Each region has a peculiar plug point with which our chargers are not compatible. In this technology-driven era, it is nothing short of a crisis. You can very well avoid it with this universal adaptor from Fuzo.

It is compatible with plugs from the US, UK, EU and AU. You can safely travel to over 150 countries without worrying about charging your phones. It has USB ports to connect your devices directly. There is an in-built fuse and automatic locking mechanism that shuts down charging when your device is fully charged. It prevents your phones from damages that might happen due to overcharging your devices.

The travel adaptor has a smart design with a rubberised charging space that lends it a premium look and appeal. It is a great product for brands that want to give something extremely useful to people. There is enough space to add your logo. Since the recipient of this adaptor is going to visit multiple places while using this, you can be sure that your brand will literally go places!

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Personalisation Type: Digital UV Printing 
Branding Area: 1.5' (W) x 0.5' (H)
Colour: Black
Warranty: Six months manufacturing warranty



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