The only way to keep ourselves safe during the pandemic is to follow social distancing and practice good hygiene. Social distancing is easy when people are confined to their homes, but that is not possible all the time. For large organisations with a lot of employees, ensuring social distancing all the time is not possible. As we step out of our homes to buy essentials or to report to work, we must ensure complete safety of everyone around us. It becomes difficult for large organisations as there are a lot of employees and visitors. In such cases, infrared body thermometers should be used to measure the temperature of all the visitors.

These infrared body thermometer gun can measure temperature without any physical contact. People who are affected by the virus have a higher body temperature. Using infrared body thermometer gun will help you identify such people. There is an audio and visual alarm to alert people about higher temperatures. It will immediately alert them to seek medical help and prevent them from mingling with other people anf spreading the virus. The infrared body thermometer comes with an auto shut off function that shuts after 10 seconds of no use to save the battery. It has a memory to store up to 32 readings. The infrared body thermometer shows temperature in degree Celcius as well as Fahrenheit.

It is extremely lightweight and can be used easily as per your convenience. 

LED colour: Greem, Yellow and Red 

Measuring range: 32 - 43 Degree Celcius

Product size: 140 (L) x 33 (W) x 40 (H)

Product weight: 62 gms



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