Irusu mini VR is the lightest VR headset that comes with 5.2 fold magnification for enhanced immersive VR experience with a better fov . 1. Unique front holder that securely holds mobile phones of size up to 6.69 inches. 2. The open end design at front, facilitates easy heat dissipation. 1. Has 5.2 fold magnification for enhanced immersive VR experience and it provides better fov. 2. Hd optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano-coating and 5 times polishing reduces deformity and glare, 3. Effectively prevents visual fatigue, restores 3d reality under the broad vision and reproduces lossless virtual reality content. 1. It has adjustable inter pupillary distance for better fov. 2. Suitable for short sighted from a range 0-600 degree and one can wear glasses comfortably while using the VR headset. 3. Has unique front panel design that supports augmented reality for most of the mobiles. Irusu mini VR headset is the lightest VR headset, with only 242 grams,that provides a longer and better VR experience. Irusu mini VR headset can be used for experiencing various VR content like watching 360 videos,3d side by side videos, normal videos and for playing VR games. It can also be used for watching many historical landmarks from the comfort of your home, using google street view on cardboard app. Lens 42mm hd lenses 40mm hd lenses advanced touch button heat dissipation mobile compatiblity android and ios mobiles with gyroscope sensor android and ios mobiles with gyroscope sensor compatible size 4.7 to 6.69 inches 4.7 to 6.69 inches required mobile dimensions 170x80x12 mm 170x80x12 mm.

Warranty: 3 months brand warranty
Color: White
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Branding Size: 2.5 (W) x 0.9 (H) inch
Printing Technology: Screen Printing



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