Most of us have the habit of leaving our cell phones on charging while sleeping. This poses a lot of threat to the phone. There can be instances of battery damage, decrease in cell phone life span, and in some extreme cases explosion can also happen. To save you from such situations, Portronics brought this safe charging adaptor that protects your phones while charging. This adaptor converts normal 240V AC Input to 5V/2.4A dual USB output. It auto-detects the connected device's ratings and charges it at the fastest possible speed for that device. 

Portronics adaptor comes with a time control setting. This protects the battery and avoids any overheating or battery-swelling, even when left on the charge at night. It has a slim, compact, and very lightweight body, so you can easily carry it anywhere. It takes up minimal space and looks very elegant. 

The adaptor is BIS approved, which means it will protect your device from overheating and prevent any damage due to excess current flow. It is highly compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and can be used to charge power banks, mp3 players, wireless headphones, etc. 

The high utility of this adaptor makes it a smart choice for corporate gifting and promotional giveaway. The main aim behind giving gifts or promotional items is that the recipient remembers your brand every time they use the product. So, it is always advisable to gift something as useful as this adaptor so that people use it regularly. You can easily customise the adaptor with your brand’s logo and use it for your marketing objectives. 

Note: It has 6 months warranty. For any issues, you can contact 9555 245245

Banding size: 2" (W) x 1" (H) 
Personalisation type: Digital UV printing
Colour: White Only



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