A staggering 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience. The number demonstrates the need for personalized experiences. Even when it comes to gifting, giving personalized gifts can make a difference. Personalisation of any type can instantly add a charm to the product and make it more effective. One of the best options can be personalised photo frames.

Photo frames as gifts have always remained in the trend and they still are a popular choice. Be it anyone’s birthday or a corporate event, these personalised frames are always an ideal choice.

You might be looking for personalised photo frames online. Well, many online stores provide a variety of frames to choose from. But you can always opt for ones that provide personalisation of these frames. Get personalised photo frames for friends and family at affordable prices and unlimited customisation options.



Canvas Mounted - White Borders

1. Premium quality canvas

2. Lightweight

3. Wooden frame edged in spotless white

Canvas Mounted - Gallery wrap

1. Elegant design

2. Premium quality canvas

2. Premium quality canvas

Canvas Rolled

1. Can be framed or mounted

2. Can be made in multiple sizes

3. Premium quality canvas

Photo Magnets

1. Durable magnetic backing

2. 0.75 MM thickness

3. Elegant glossy finish

Photo Frames

1. Acrylic finish 

2. Available in multiple shapes and size

2. Beautiful designs

Perfect Customised and Personalised Photo Products

Capturing the best moments spent with your loved ones is like a dream come true. With these personalised photo frames, you get a chance to restore all the beautiful memories of the past at any time you want. Customisation further adds magic to these captured moments. Gifting these frames will surely bring smiles to their faces. Here are a few top picks from PrintStop that are perfect for gifting on someone’s birthday or other events.

1. Canvas Mounted

When we think of a canvas, the picture of an artist’s painting comes to mind right away. However, thanks to developments in modern printing technology, you can now print your images on them. Canvas printing is a technique that involves transferring an image onto a canvas, which is then stretched over a wooden frame or rolled over. Personalised photo frames with a canvas finish are a stylish and one-of-a-kind way to add elegance to your home’s décor. Having photos of those special moments in your life reproduced on a canvas is a unique and minimalistic way to display them.

If you are choosing to go with the Canvas Mounts, then you can choose between:

a. Canvas Mounted: White Border – You can easily get your photo mounted on canvas in a white frame. You just need to upload your photo on our website and we will print it on high-quality canvas. It will be mounted on a lightweight wooden frame with classic white edges. You can easily hang this on your wall and showcase your memories proudly.

Get Canvas Mounted: White Border.

b. Canvas Mounted: Gallery Wrap – In the gallery wrap canvas mount, the fabric is stretched over the frame and is attached over the back of the frame. It gives an elegant look to your pictures and allows you to preserve your photos in a timeless way.

Get Canvas Mounted: Gallery Wrap.

2. Canvas Rolled


Rolled canvas photo frames can be another new edition to your photo frame collection. A relatively new concept, these rolled canvases are amazing to carry around. They acquire less space. Adorned with your favorite pictures and photographs, they add a bohemian touch to the space. We give you an option of personalised photo frames with photo upload. Simply, go through the instructions and select the best picture to be printed.

Get Canvas Rolled.

3. Photo Magnets

The trend of using personalised magnets to decorate the home has been around for quite some time. However, they aren’t only for adorning our refrigerator. These photo magnets can be printed for a variety of reasons. These magnets are the most cost-effective way to raise your advertising game, especially if you operate a business such as a café, grocery store, or other large enterprises.

Get photo magnets.

4. Photo Frames

If used well, photo frames can become the highlight of your home. It will help you cherish the happy moments and relive them. Our personalised photo frame can spruce up your empty walls and liven up the space with your precious memories.

Buy your personalised photo frame.

Why Get Personalised Photo Frames Online?

Online printing stores are popular because they let you customise your photo frames by allowing you to design, and select your favorite templates before placing your order. The images printed on canvas will be with you for the rest of your life.

The personalisation options on our website help you preserve your moments, just the way you want them. It can be unique that can be passed down through the generations. Look through the photo products section to choose the right product to print your photos. Place your order right now!

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