Corporate gifting is not just a customary gesture; it's a strategic practice that holds immense significance in the realm of business relationships. In India, where business dealings are often intertwined with cultural norms and traditions, the act of giving and receiving gifts is deeply ingrained in the corporate landscape. 

From small enterprises to multinational corporations, the exchange of gifts is considered an essential part of fostering goodwill, strengthening bonds, and nurturing professional connections.

At its core, corporate gifting involves the act of presenting gifts by businesses to clients, employees, partners, or stakeholders for various reasons. These gifts can range from personalised tokens of appreciation to lavish items, carefully selected to convey gratitude, commemorate milestones, celebrate achievements, or mark significant occasions. 

Beyond the material value, corporate gifts serve as tangible expressions of thoughtfulness and appreciation, carrying with them the potential to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Here is a list of top 10 Corporate gifting companies in India

1. PrintStop (printstop.co.in)

As a leading online printing solutions provider in India, PrintStop prides itself on catering to the needs of both small and large businesses. Their "One-Stop" approach ensures that their customers have access to a wide range of print products, from essential Business stationery to impactful Marketing and Promotional Materials.

PrintStop has expanded it's assistance to cater to customers' specific needs:


PrintStop offers ready-to-use designs and an in-house design team PEHCHAAN to simplify the design process. Whether you need a simple business card or a complex marketing brochure, the team is here to help you bring your ideas to life.

2. PrintSmart 

PrintSmart is an online service to revolutionize your business printing experience. Choosing PrintSmart, you'll have access to a plethora of free templates, empowering you to effortlessly edit your own artwork without the hassle of hiring a designer. Your creations are securely stored in the cloud, ensuring easy access whenever you need them. 

What's more, you can place orders from anywhere, anytime, and stay updated on your job's progress through email or SMS notifications. With global doorstep delivery available in over 55 countries, your printing needs are well-covered, no matter where you are. 


Mandaala, is a division of PrintStop India Pvt. Ltd. It's goal is to transform corporate gifting and printing for large enterprises. They achieve this by seamlessly blending advanced SaaS technology with premium physical products. Whether it's branded merchandise, onboarding kits, stationery, marketing collateral, corporate gifts, or beyond, they offer top-notch solutions.

4. PrintStop Plus

Earn points with every purchase and redeem them for discounts on future orders, no minimum criteria are required. PrintStop Plus is a Loyalty program for their valued  customers. Visit the website to learn more and sign up.

5. Customer Support

In addition to their features and technology, customer support is a top priority at PrintStop. Their dedicated customer support team is available to assist our customers every step of the way, from placing orders to addressing any questions or concerns they may have.

PrintStop is committed to providing the quality, convenience, and innovation that all their customers deserve. With a wide range of personalised products like clothing, electronics, bags, as well as Recognition and welcoming gifts, etc. They are more than just a printing company and are trusted by businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

Check it out!

2. VistaPrint (vistaprint.in)

VistaPrint has been a reliable choice for over 20 years, assisting businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in crafting their brand identities with bespoke designs and professional marketing materials. 

Their online printing services boast a diverse array of high-quality customised products, including business cards, personalised clothing, and gifts. They take pride in offering competitive pricing, even for low quantities, ensuring accessibility for all customers.

With user-friendly design tools and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, VistaPrint ensures a seamless experience from design conception to product delivery. Furthermore, their satisfaction guarantee promises free replacements or full refunds in the event of customer dissatisfaction.

3. Printo (printo.in)

Printo emerges as India's foremost print-on-demand platform, boasting over 15 years of industry expertise and a vision to become a global leader. With 28 retail stores spanning 6 cities and a clientele exceeding 1 million both online and offline, Printo has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for businesses of all sizes. 

From business cards to signage and employee joining kits, Printo has served notable clients like Google, Accenture, and PhonePe since its inception in 2006. Headquartered in Bangalore, Printo operates from a vast 50,000+ sq. ft production facility and offers a diverse range of over 5000 print products and 15000 gifting options, all customizable to suit individual needs. 

Whether ordering online or in-store, customers can expect a seamless experience, quality prints, and hassle-free delivery. With global shipping capabilities and the flexibility to accommodate orders starting from just one item, Printo remains committed to customer satisfaction, offering free replacements or full refunds if needed. Experience the Printo difference today by visiting the Printo website or contacting their dedicated team for personalised assistance.

4. Printvenue (printvenue.com)

India's premier online destination for printing solutions and personalised gifting. With a diverse range of classy and sophisticated personalised products, spanning from corporate stationery to ideal gifts, Printvenue caters to both personal and corporate needs with utmost care. 

Offering a robust collection of over 500 products and an extensive selection of 50,000+ contemporary designs, customers can easily find the perfect items for any occasion. The platform provides additional options for uploading custom designs and offers customisation on branded products as well. 

With a simple 2-step customisation process and secure payment gateway, Printvenue ensures a seamless shopping experience 24*7. Committed to delivering quality products at affordable prices, Printvenue is the go-to destination for those seeking exclusivity and unparalleled customisation.

5. Altius India Marketing Solutions (altiusindia.co.in)

ALTIUS INDIA MARKETING SOLUTIONS (AIMS) embraces the Olympic motto, symbolising swiftness, high aspirations, and strength. Specialising in corporate gifting and service apartments for business travellers, AIMS strives to become the preferred choice in its segment. 

With a commitment to excellence, AIMS offers support services based on expert knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of customers and business partners.

Additionally, AIMS introduces innovative solutions like the Pune Cosmo Card, designed for corporates and set to launch in August 2016. Moreover, AIMS presents lucrative franchise and investment opportunities with leading brands in Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Retail, Fashion, and more, reflecting its dedication to offering diverse and top-tier services.

6. Chococraft (chococraft.in)

Established in 2013, ChocoCraft introduced the innovative concept of printed chocolates, aiming to elevate celebrations with personalised touches. Their corporate offerings, featuring logos on chocolates, garnered acclaim from esteemed companies like Facebook, Audi, and Apple, solidifying their reputation in the industry. With a clientele exceeding 200 firms across India and abroad, ChocoCraft specialises in crafting bespoke chocolate gifts for diverse corporate occasions and personal events, including weddings and birthdays.

Their exclusive range allows for customisable designs, names, and photographs, ensuring each gift is unique and memorable. Committed to spreading joy, ChocoCraft takes pride in creating one-of-a-kind gifts that bring smiles to faces, epitomising their dedication to excellence in chocolate craftsmanship.

7. Consortium Gifts (consortiumgifts.com)

Consortium Gifts, founded by Gaurav Bhagat in 1999, has emerged as a leading player in India's corporate gifting landscape, prioritising quality, innovation, and service. Committed to customer satisfaction, the company addresses any issues promptly, reflecting its dedication to excellence. Continual innovation drives Consortium Gifts to offer diverse and captivating products, distinguishing it from competitors. 

Emphasising client relationships, the company delivers bespoke solutions tailored to individual needs at competitive prices. Consortium Gifts attributes its success to a dedicated team and a wide-ranging selection of branded products offered at value-for-money rates. With a focus on meeting bulk orders and leveraging its global network for import services, the company ensures timely delivery, earning trust as a reliable gifting partner.

8. FNP Gifts (fnp.com)

For over 25 years, Ferns N Petals has been a trusted companion in celebrating special moments with its fresh flowers and exquisite gifts. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has grown from a single flower shop in Delhi to the largest florist chain in India, with over 320 stores nationwide.

Today, the Ferns N Petals Group comprises various divisions, offering a comprehensive range of products and services, including flowers, cakes, plants, personalized gifts, and decoration services. With branches across India, UAE, Singapore, and Qatar, Ferns N Petals serves as a one-stop destination for customers worldwide, embodying its commitment to excellence and innovation in the gifting industry.

9. Gifting Ideas (giftingideas.com)

Beginning as a small venture selling car sunshades under Micro Solutions in Mumbai, Gifting Ideas has evolved into a leading gifting solutions provider. Representing renowned brands like Intermed, Xindao, and Lexon, it caters to esteemed clients such as TCS, Microsoft, and Infosys. Their comprehensive catalogue, "The Good Stuff Catalogue (GSC)," showcases over 5000 products, including offerings from 80+ brands.

Gifting Ideas takes pride in customer satisfaction, evident from glowing testimonials and repeat orders. As authorised Indian representatives for international giants like Xindao and Intermed, they ensure a diverse range of quality gifts for their clientele.

10. OffiNeeds (offineeds.com)

OffiNeeds, a leading Corporate Gifting and Custom Merchandise company has garnered a reputation for consistently exceeding customer expectations. With over 17 years of experience, they specialise in turning employees, customers, and dealers into brand ambassadors through tailored merchandise solutions. Clients appreciate OffiNeeds for their New Joinee Gift Sets, Official BrandStores, Home Delivery of Gifts, and Gift Voucher Solutions.

Their success can be attributed to a dedicated team of professionals, a strong work culture emphasising growth and enjoyment, continuous innovation, and a tech-savvy approach that adds value to clients. Committed to its Brand Promise of Fast, Easy, and Customised service, OffiNeeds ensures a seamless experience for its customers.

Key factors to consider when evaluating corporate gifting companies

When evaluating corporate gifting companies in India, it's crucial to consider several key factors to ensure that you choose the right partner to meet your business needs effectively. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

1. Cultural Sensitivity

India boasts a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, each with its own set of traditions and customs. Thus, when engaging with a corporate gifting company, it's imperative to ensure they possess a profound understanding and profound respect for cultural nuances. Opt for a partner well-versed in navigating these intricacies, capable of offering gifts that resonate deeply with the recipient's cultural background and preferences.

2. Customisation Options

The ability to personalise gifts according to specific preferences and requirements significantly enhances their impact. Seek out a gifting company that offers comprehensive customisation options, allowing you to tailor gifts with precision and thoughtfulness. Personalised gifts not only leave a lasting impression but also convey a profound sense of consideration, elevating the recipient's experience.

3. Range of Gift Options

The breadth and diversity of available gift options play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your gifting initiatives. An extensive selection of products enables you to choose gifts that are not only relevant but also resonate deeply with diverse recipients. 

Prioritise partnering with a company that offers a diverse array of gift options, catering to varying tastes, preferences, and occasions. This ensures that your gifting strategy remains versatile and impactful, fostering meaningful connections with your stakeholders.

4. Budget Flexibility

When evaluating a gifting company, it's essential to consider its capacity to accommodate your budget while delivering high-quality products and customisation options. Seek out discounts, bulk-order incentives, or adaptable pricing frameworks that correspond with your financial limitations. 

A company that provides such alternatives guarantees that you can effectively manage your gifting expenses without compromising on quality. By examining these facets, you can identify a partner that addresses your budgetary requirements while furnishing exceptional gifts tailored to your specifications.

5. Brand Reputation and Reliability

A thorough investigation into the corporate gifting company's reputation and reliability is essential. Delve into client testimonials, case studies, and online reviews to gauge their track record. A company with a positive reputation and satisfied clientele is more likely to provide a seamless gifting experience, ensuring your peace of mind and the success of your gifting initiatives.

6. Ethical and Sustainable Practices

In today's socially conscious landscape, ethical and sustainable business practices are paramount. Prioritise partnering with a gifting company that upholds environmental responsibility, fair labour practices, and ethical sourcing of materials. By aligning with ethically conscious partners, you contribute to a positive impact on society and the environment.

7. Timely Delivery and Customer Service

Timely delivery of gifts is crucial for maintaining professionalism and meeting expectations. Ensure that the gifting company has robust delivery systems in place and offers excellent customer service to address any queries or concerns promptly. 

A commitment to timely delivery and responsive customer support enhances the overall gifting experience and fosters positive relationships with stakeholders.

8. Creativity and Innovation

Seek out a gifting company that demonstrates creativity and innovation in its product offerings and customisation options. Unique and innovative gifts capture attention and leave a lasting impression on recipients, elevating the effectiveness of your gifting strategy. By embracing creativity and innovation, you can differentiate your gifts and enhance their impact.

9. Scalability and Capacity

Consider the scalability and capacity of the gifting company, particularly if you have large-scale gifting programs or seasonal peaks in demand. Ensure that they can handle your volume requirements without compromising on quality or service. Partnering with a company equipped to scale alongside your needs ensures a seamless and efficient gifting experience, even during periods of high demand.

10. Quality of Products

Emphasise the importance of product quality when selecting a corporate gifting company. Ensure that they offer high-quality products that align with your brand image and standards. The gifts should be well-crafted, durable, and reflect positively on your company when presented to clients, employees, or partners. Prioritising quality ensures that your gifts make a positive impression and reflect the professionalism of your organisation.

Importance of Corporate gifting

Corporate gifting plays a vital role in strengthening relationships within the competitive landscape of modern business. By expressing appreciation and gratitude through thoughtful gifts, companies solidify connections with clients, employees, and partners, fostering loyalty and long-term relationships. These gestures not only acknowledge their importance but also reflect the company's values and professionalism, enhancing its brand image and reputation.

Moreover, corporate gifting contributes to employee motivation and engagement, recognizing their hard work and dedication. It cultivates a positive work culture and drives employee morale by celebrating milestones and achievements, reinforcing a sense of shared success.

Additionally, corporate gifts serve as effective marketing tools, subtly promoting brand visibility through branded items while building trust and loyalty with clients, employees, and partners. 

In India, where hospitality is a valued virtue, corporate gifting transcends mere business practice, becoming a cultural tradition that reflects companies' values and strengthens relationships in the dynamic business landscape.


In the bustling world of India's printing and gifting industry, diversity thrives. Every company brings its own flair, catering to the ever-changing needs of both businesses and individuals. From personalized gifting to tailored printing solutions, excellence and innovation reign supreme. As consumers, we're spoiled for choice, with each option promising quality, convenience, and a touch of creativity. 

Whether it's building brand identities or marking special moments, these companies are the backbone of our experiences, enriching our lives with every interaction. With their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, they set the gold standard, ensuring every encounter leaves a lasting mark.

Choose your match to elevate your corporate relationships and leave a lasting impression with thoughtful and innovative gifts.


1. How can I ensure compliance with company policies and ethical standards when giving corporate gifts?

Businesses should have clear policies and guidelines regarding corporate gifting to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards. This may include setting spending limits, prohibiting certain types of gifts, and requiring transparency in gift-giving practices.

2. What are the benefits of corporate gifting for businesses?

Corporate gifting can benefit businesses by strengthening relationships with clients and stakeholders, increasing brand visibility and loyalty, boosting employee morale and engagement, and differentiating the company from competitors.

3. Do you offer customisation options such as branding, personalisation, or custom packaging?

Yes, we offer a range of customisation options to meet your specific needs. This includes branding options such as adding your company logo or message to the gifts, personalisation with individual names or messages, and custom packaging to enhance the presentation of your gifts.

4. What measures do you have in place to ensure timely delivery and reliability?

We have stringent quality control measures and work with reliable shipping partners to ensure the timely delivery of your orders. Our logistics team closely monitors the shipping process to minimise delays and address any issues promptly, ensuring a reliable delivery experience for our customers and ensuring the product is in the proper condition.

5. What is the process for placing an order, and how far in advance do I need to place it?

Placing an order is simple and can be done through our website or by contacting our customer service team. The lead time for orders may vary depending on the customisation requirements and product availability. We recommend placing orders well in advance to allow for sufficient processing and delivery time, especially for large or customised orders.

6. What is your policy for returns, exchanges, or refunds?

We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products. If you are not satisfied with your order, we have a flexible return and exchange policy. Please contact our customer service team within a specified timeframe from the date of delivery to initiate a return or exchange. Refunds may be issued under our refund policy, which takes into account factors such as the condition of the returned items and any applicable fees. Our customer service team will guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have regarding returns, exchanges, or refunds.

You can also view the FAQs and other concerns you might have.