Our onboarding kits are essential for making new employees feel valued and part of the team from day one. These employee onboarding kits enhance branding and retention. Explore new hire welcome gifts for a seamless start.

Our onboarding kits are essential for making new employees feel valued and part of the team from day one. These employee onboarding kits enhance branding and retention. Explore new hire welcome gifts for a seamless start.

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Create a Memorable Welcome for Your New Employees with Customised Onboarding Kits!

At PrintStop, we're passionate about revolutionising the onboarding journey for your newest team members. With our expansive selection of customisable onboarding kits, we ensure that every aspect of their introduction to your company is nothing short of exceptional. From tailor-made employee welcome packages that speak volumes about your organisational culture to meticulously crafted joining kits filled with essentials, each item is a testament to your brand's identity, adorned with vibrant colours and your unmistakable logo. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere presentation; it's about fostering a profound sense of belonging and excitement right from the start. With PrintStop by your side, you can rest assured that every new hire experiences a seamless transition and feels truly valued from day one. Let us transform the traditional onboarding process into a joyous celebration of your company's ethos and aspirations.

Significance of an Onboarding Welcome Kit for New Employees

Product Offering & Kit Components: Explore our range of onboarding welcome kits for new employees, featuring your company's branding and logo. Our kits include branded polo t-shirts, sleek water bottles, elegant coffee mugs, premium diaries, and professional pens, providing everything new employees need to feel welcomed and valued.

Benefits: Experience a unique onboarding experience that sets your company apart. Our welcome kit for new employees offers a versatile solution for any occasion, empowering your team from day one and contributing to the building of brand image and loyalty.

Marketing Value: Elevate your company's marketing efforts with our induction kits for new employees. Carefully selected items create a lasting impression on new employees, reinforcing your company's values and culture. Choose the best new joinee welcome kit to make a memorable impact.

By integrating a thoughtfully designed employee joining kit into your onboarding process, you not only enhance the new hire experience but also strengthen your brand’s presence. Our new employee kits are crafted to provide a warm welcome, making new hires feel instantly appreciated and part of the team.

Q. How can custom employee welcome kits enhance the onboarding process?
A. Custom employee welcome kits boost morale, integrate new hires into company culture and streamline onboarding by providing essential materials and information. To know more about the onboardings and why they are important check our Blog Click here.

Q. Can I add my company logo or name to all the items in the welcome kit?
A. Yes, You can add your company logo or name to all the items in the welcome kit. 

Q. Can I preview how the customised welcome kit items will look before placing my order?
Yes, you can preview how your customised onboarding kits will look before placing the order. 

Q. Can I reorder the same custom welcome kits for future hires?
A. Yes you can reorder the same custom welcome kits for future hires. 

Q. What if I need assistance or have questions during the ordering process?
A. If you need any assistance or have questions during the ordering process then you can contact our customer support team. 

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity for customised onboarding kits?
A. There are different MOQs for different customised onboarding kits. You can check them in their respective product descriptions. 

Q. How long does it take to produce and deliver the onboarding kits?
A. The onboarding kits will get shipped in 10 days.

Q. Are there any discounts for bulk orders?
A. Yes, slab-wise prices are mentioned in our Price table within the respective product descriptions. 

Q. Can the onboarding kits be shipped directly to remote employees?
A. Yes, the onboarding kits can be shipped directly to remote employees. 

Q. Do you offer international shipping for onboarding kits?
A. Yes, we do offer International shipping for Onboarding kits.