Creative employee recognition awards are a formal acknowledgment or token of appreciation given to an employee in recognition of their outstanding performance and contributions to the company and help the company grow bigger and stronger. 

Employee recognition awards are a powerful tool for motivating and appreciating your employees' hard work and dedication. They help boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and improve overall employee productivity.

Recognition awards motivate employees to perform at their best and continue contributing to the organization's success. Recognizing employees fosters a culture of appreciation and positivity within the workplace. It encourages employees to support one another and work as a team.

Employees can be recognized either for individual efforts or as part of a greater team effort. Below are some reward ideas to highlight individual recognition.

So, let's start with the Best employee award ideas:

(A) Creative individual employee recognition award ideas

Thoughtful awards create memories connecting your employees to your company and can mean as much — or more — than other rewards. After receiving an appreciation award, employees feel valued, motivated, and proud of their accomplishments, leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement. Here are 15 creative award ideas that can showcase how much you value and appreciate your employees. 

1. Always-on-time award

This award recognizes and appreciates employees who consistently arrive on time for work, meetings, or other important events. Punctuality is a valuable trait in the workplace as it demonstrates reliability and respect for others' time. It is one of the best awards for employees. You can check out the best employee award trophies here.

2.  Exceptional listener award 

Exceptional listening skills are essential for employees interacting with clients or customers. Acknowledging exceptional listeners in customer-facing roles can help improve customer satisfaction. So, whoever is listening well to your customers give them this best performer award. 

3. Helping hand award

Recognizing employees with the "Helping Hand Award" reinforces the importance of a positive workplace culture characterized by teamwork, cooperation, and a sense of community. It is the best employee award.

4. The Perfectionist at Work award

Given to individuals who consistently demonstrate a commitment to high standards, attention to detail, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in their work. This award acknowledges and celebrates employees who take exceptional care in their tasks, ensuring that everything they do meets or exceeds the highest quality standards. It’s one of the best employee award ideas. 

5. Excellent Feedback award

Feedback is essential in a company because it promotes growth, learning, and continuous improvement, helps employees align with company goals, and enhances communication and morale, ultimately contributing to organizational success.

Employees receiving the "Excellent Feedback Award" often demonstrate exceptional communication skills, including active listening, effective articulation, and empathy.

6.  Best attendance award

Excellent attendance improves work productivity, as employees are consistently available to perform their duties and contribute to the organization's goals. Therefore, it is good to provide best performer award to employees with good attendance. 

7. Mentorship award 

Mentors often share their knowledge, insights, and expertise, which can lead to a more skilled and capable workforce. Recognizing exceptional mentors can contribute to succession planning and cultivating future leaders within the organization.

8. The Most Engaged Employee award

Engaged employees often drive increased productivity and innovation, contributing to the organization's success and growth. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company, which can reduce turnover and retain valuable talent.

9. The Trendsetter award

The best employee award is given to individuals who have demonstrated innovation, creativity, and the ability to set new trends or standards within their organization. 

This award acknowledges and celebrates employees who have significantly impacted by introducing new ideas, approaches, or practices that lead to positive change and innovation. 

Employees who set trends can help the organization gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of the curve.

10. The Motivator award

The primary reason for giving these best awards for employees is to recognize and appreciate employees who have a positive and uplifting influence on their colleagues, fostering a supportive and motivated work environment.

11. The Hidden Gem award

Hidden gems may consistently excel in their roles, performing their duties diligently and effectively without seeking the limelight. Many hidden gems possess unique talents or skills that are not always evident but significantly impact the organization's success. Giving the best performer award increases employee morale and motivates them to work more efficiently.

12. Forever with Us award 

These best employee award ideas are designed to honor and celebrate employees who have dedicated a substantial portion of their career to the organization and have become an integral part of its history.

13. Most determined employee

Determined employees often set and achieve challenging goals and recognizing them can inspire others to strive for success in the face of difficulties.

14. Unparalleled commitment award

The "Unparalleled Commitment Award" is one of the prestigious creative employee recognition awards given to individuals who have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, loyalty, and unwavering commitment to their work and the organization. It is the best employee award given to employees.

15. Performing above and beyond award

Recipients of these best awards for employees are often catalysts for continuous improvement, inspiring others to elevate their performance and aim for higher standards.

(B) Team-building awards 

Team building awards are important because they recognize and celebrate teamwork, fostering collaboration, motivation, and a positive workplace culture, ultimately leading to improved performance and employee satisfaction. By rewarding the employees, they will feel motivated and seen.

Team awards can either be single awards or awards that can be shared by the entire team eg trophies/hampers for entire team

Lets get into each of the different type of awards that can be given here

1. Best Coach award 

Best coaches often share their knowledge, expertise, and insights, which can lead to a more skilled and capable workforce. Therefore, it is one of the best awards for employees.

2. Team player award 

Recognizing team players highlights the importance of a supportive work environment where employees work harmoniously to achieve common objectives.

3. Going an extra-mile award

Recipients of this best employee award often show initiative and dedication, taking on additional responsibilities and contributing to the organization's success.

4. Leadership award 

Influential leaders often demonstrate strategic thinking and decision-making skills, contributing to long-term success. Many leaders provide mentorship and guidance to their team members, which can lead to personal and professional development. Therefore, it is one of the best awards for employees.

5. Employee of the month/year award 

Employee of the Month/Year awards serve as a motivational tool, encouraging employees to strive for excellence and achieve their best.

6. Everyone's choice award 

Being selected as the Everyone's Choice Award recipient can be a powerful motivator, encouraging employees to excel and contribute to the organization.

7. Teamwork award 

This award acknowledges and celebrates employees or groups who have promoted a positive team dynamic and contributed to the organization's success through their cooperative efforts.

8. Most improved performer 

This best employee award celebrates employees committed to self-improvement, skill enhancement, and personal growth.

9. The star employee 

Recognizing the star employee highlights their role as a model for others to strive for excellence in their work.

10. The Mountain mover 

This award celebrates employees who are problem solvers and individuals who can tackle monumental challenges with exceptional skill and determination.

11. The Ultimate contributor 

Recognizing these individuals highlights their substantial positive impact on the organization, from increased productivity and revenue to improved customer satisfaction and team morale.

12. The Front runner 

Consistent High-Performance Employees who consistently achieve excellent results and exceed their performance targets receive this best performer award. 

13. Creative Innovator award 

The awardee demonstrated high creativity in problem-solving, design, or developing new concepts. It brought something new to the table, which helped with the organization's development. 

For example:- an employee who works in a marketing department and introduces a unique and effective digital marketing campaign that significantly increases customer engagement and leads to a substantial boost in sales. 

14. Rising Star award 

This best employee award is typically given to individuals early in their careers who have already shown exceptional promise, talent, or accomplishments that set them apart.

15. Best Communicator award

The one who communicates effectively with their peers and clients with a strong hold over their written and verbal skills and brings new business opportunities for the company are rewarded with this award. 

What Kind of award gifts should be given to employees?

There are many kinds of gifts you can choose from. From award trophies, confectionery to personalized mugs or personalized clothing, there is a lot to select. 

Make sure that you consider individual employee preferences while buying a gift. Providing personalized gifts could be a great way to showcase your sincerity of gift giving. It would surely make your employees feel valued and appreciated. 

6 Creative Ways to Announce Employee Awards

Announcing best awards for employees is essential to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements, motivate employees, boost morale, and reinforce a culture of excellence and appreciation within the organization. Announcing the awards in a creative way will boost the positive atmosphere in the workplace 

1. At office party

Announcing the best employee award at an office party provides an opportunity to combine celebration with recognition. Sometimes, people feel valued when their appreciation is done in front of their colleagues and friends. 

2. Awards ceremony

Hosting an office award ceremony is a formal and dignified way to recognize and celebrate the achievements of your colleagues. These award nights can even have fun categories like- The most funny or entertaining employee, to keep the spirits high. 

3. Virtual video recording and sharing it on company messenger 

Recording a virtual video for your company awards ceremony and sharing it on your company messenger platform can effectively maintain a sense of recognition and celebration, even if your team is distributed or working remotely. 

4. Company newsletter 

Announcing employee awards through company newsletters is an excellent way to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of your employees. It highlights their accomplishments and fosters a positive and appreciative company culture. 

5. Attach sticky notes over the desk 

Announcing the best employee award by attaching sticky notes over the desk is a creative and personal way to recognize and celebrate individual achievements. It can be a surprise gesture that brings the recipient a sense of appreciation and pride. 

6. Share on the company social media page

Announcing employee awards by sharing them on your company's social media pages is an effective way to recognize and celebrate the achievements of your employees while also boosting the organization's public image.

Why should you be giving employee awards?

Employee awards acknowledge and celebrate an employee's hard work and accomplishments. This recognition can boost motivation and morale, making employees feel valued and appreciated.

1. Improves employee involvement in their work

Giving out the best employee award is a highly effective strategy for improving employee involvement in their work. Recognition and awards are vital in enhancing employee motivation, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.

2. Boosts productivity 

Awarded employees often have a higher level of job satisfaction and are more engaged in their work, which can lead to increased productivity and higher-quality output. Hence, it’s necessary to announce the best performer award once in every year. 

3. Helps with employee retention

Employee awards can have a positive impact on employee retention. Employee recognition and awards create a more engaged, satisfied, and committed workforce, which, in turn, can help retain valuable employees.


Giving out the best employee award is a valuable and multifaceted strategy for enhancing the workplace, motivating employees, and fostering a positive organizational culture. Employee recognition and awards significantly impact various aspects of the workplace, including motivation, job satisfaction, engagement, and retention. 

They celebrate individual and team achievements and inspire others to strive for excellence. Incorporating employee awards into your organization's recognition strategy can lead to a more motivated, engaged, and satisfied workforce, ultimately contributing to increased productivity, improved morale, and long-term employee retention.

Recognizing and celebrating employee achievements is a win-win for the individual and the company and a fundamental element of a thriving workplace. Henceforth, you should always announce the best employee award at least once every year.


1. When should a company give out awards? 

A company can give out awards at various times and for different reasons to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of its employees. Regular Recognition Programs like Monthly, quarterly, or annual awards to acknowledge outstanding performance. 

Recognition for reaching specific career or project milestones, like completing a major project, closing a significant deal, or achieving a sales target.

2. Why you should award employees? 

You should reward employees for motivating, recognizing, and celebrating their achievements, increasing job satisfaction, engagement, and retention, ultimately benefiting both the employees and the organization.