In the fast-paced world of corporate gifting, uniqueness stands as the true game-changer. Unique corporate gifts go beyond the ordinary, offering a distinctive touch that sets them apart from conventional offerings. These one-of-a-kind presents not only showcase creativity but also convey a personalised appreciation for the individuality of each employee and office staff member. 

In the realm of corporate culture, where innovation is celebrated, unique gifting becomes a symbolic expression of the company's commitment to valuing its workforce. 

From custom-designed items that reflect the company ethos to experiential gifts tailored to individual preferences, the importance of unique gifting lies in creating a memorable and lasting impact. 

Join us as we navigate the exciting terrain of unique gifts for employees, exploring ideas that not only celebrate achievements but also foster a sense of individual worth within the corporate family.

1) Moon Lamp 

Surprise your stellar employees with a Moon Lamp, one of the unique corporate gifts that brings the beauty of the moon to their workspace. This captivating decor piece not only adds a touch of celestial charm but also symbolizes appreciation for their hard work, reaching for the stars. With adjustable brightness settings, it creates a soothing ambiance, making it the perfect desk companion for both relaxation and productivity. 

Elevate your corporate gifting game by giving a gift that reflects the limitless potential of your valued team members.

2) Bamboo Plants 

Infuse positivity into your workplace with a gift of Bamboo Plants, one of our unique gifts for employees, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of your employees. These vibrant green companions not only bring a touch of nature indoors but also symbolize growth, resilience, and good fortune. 

Low-maintenance and stylish, these plants make for a thoughtful desk accessory, promoting a zen-like atmosphere that enhances productivity. Elevate your corporate gifting by fostering a connection to nature and well-being in the workspaces of your valued team members.

3) Picture Frames 

Capture and cherish shared moments with a Picture Frame, the unique corporate gifts for your exceptional employees. Elevate their workspace with a touch of personal warmth, allowing them to display cherished memories. These stylish frames not only add a personalised touch to their desk but also create a positive and motivating atmosphere. 

Give the gift of nostalgia and connection, fostering a sense of camaraderie among your valued team members.

4) Customized Mousepads 

Revitalize your employees' workstations with cool gifts for employees such as Customised Mousepads. Tailored to their preferences or featuring company branding, these mousepads add a personalised touch to their daily workflow. 

Practical and stylish, they not only contribute to the aesthetics of the workspace but also foster a comfortable and efficient work environment. Boost morale and show appreciation by providing functional, thoughtful and unique gifts for employees that align with your team members' individual tastes and needs.

5) Desk Signs 

Add a touch of personality to your employees' workspaces with Desk Signs, offering one of our great gift ideas for employees. These quirky and customisable signs not only bring a sense of humor and individuality to the office but also serve as conversation starters. 

From motivational quotes to personalised messages, these signs create a unique and uplifting atmosphere, making the work environment more enjoyable. Show your team members that you value their unique personalities and contributions with this thoughtful and distinctive gift for their desks.

6) Desk Calendars  

Organize the year ahead for your employees with Desk Calendars – one of the practical, thoughtful and cool gifts for office staff. These compact calendars not only help in keeping track of important dates but also add a touch of functionality to their workspace. 

With customisable designs, you can infuse company branding or motivational quotes, creating a daily source of inspiration. Elevate their desk setup with a useful and aesthetically pleasing accessory, making sure they stay organized and motivated throughout the year.

7)  Laptop Sleeve 

Protect your team's tech in style with Laptop Sleeves – a sleek and practical choice for unique corporate gifts for your employees. These customised sleeves not only safeguard their laptops from scratches and dings but also add a touch of professionalism to their workstations. 

Choose designs that resonate with your company's ethos or opt for a personalised touch, showcasing your appreciation for their hard work. Elevate their daily work routine with this functional and chic accessory, making sure they carry their devices with confidence and flair.

8) Wooden Phone Stand 

Upgrade your employees' workstations with a touch of sophistication – gift them a Wooden Phone Stand, one of our cool gifts for employees. Crafted with elegance and functionality in mind, these stands not only add a natural aesthetic to their desk but also keep their phones easily accessible. 

Show your appreciation for their hard work with this stylish and versatile accessory, enhancing both their work efficiency and the overall aesthetic of their desk.

9) Inspirational Wall Art 

Transform your workplace into a source of motivation and creativity with Inspirational Wall Art, one of our unique gifts for employees. Elevate your employees' environment by adorning their office space with powerful quotes, vibrant designs, and uplifting messages. 

This thoughtful gift not only adds a touch of aesthetic flair to their surroundings but also serves as a constant reminder of inspiration and purpose.

Customise the art to align with your company values or let each employee choose their favorite piece, creating a personalised and inspiring atmosphere. Give the gift of motivation, turning their workspace into a haven of positivity and ambition.

10) Bonsai Tree Kits 

Nurture a sense of tranquility and growth among your employees with Bonsai Tree Kits. This is one of the unique and thoughtful unique corporate gifts that allows them to cultivate their own miniature zen garden right on their desks. The kits typically include everything needed to start growing a bonsai tree – from seeds and soil to pots and instructions. 

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these kits offer a therapeutic and engaging experience, fostering patience and mindfulness. 

11) Meal Delivery Gift Card 

Simplify your employees' busy lives and treat them to the gift of convenience with a Meal Delivery Gift Card, one of our unique corporate gifts for employees. This practical and thoughtful gesture allows them to enjoy delicious, chef-prepared meals delivered straight to their doorstep. 

Whether it's a busy workday or a well-deserved break, these gift cards offer a hassle-free way to savor a variety of cuisines. Show your appreciation by providing a culinary experience that aligns with their tastes and schedules, making mealtime a delightful and stress-free affair. 

12) Laptop Desk Tray 

Optimize your employees' work-from-home experience with a practical, ergonomic gift – the Laptop Desk Tray, one of our cool gifts for employees. This versatile accessory provides a comfortable and efficient workspace, allowing them to work from the couch, bed, or any preferred spot. 

With adjustable angles and ample space for a laptop and accessories, these trays combine functionality with convenience. 

Show your commitment to their well-being by offering a solution that supports a healthy and adaptable work environment. Elevate their remote work setup with a Laptop Desk Tray, demonstrating your appreciation for their dedication and comfort.

13) Desk Plants  

Bring a breath of fresh air to your employees' workspaces with Desk Plants - a thoughtful and sustainable choice for unique corporate gifts. These green companions not only add a touch of nature but also promote a healthier and more vibrant work environment. 

Choose from low-maintenance succulents, lively pothos, or elegant peace lilies to suit various preferences and office conditions. 

Beyond aesthetics, these plants contribute to improved air quality and overall well-being. Show your appreciation by gifting a Desk Plant – a small yet impactful gesture that enhances both the ambiance and positivity of their workspace.

14) House slippers 

Ensure your employees step into comfort with the cozy gift of House Slippers, one of our cool gifts for office staff. These comfortable and stylish slippers provide a touch of relaxation to their at-home routine. Whether it's a break from virtual meetings or winding down after a busy day, these slippers offer a soft and warm sanctuary for tired feet. 

Show your appreciation by giving the gift of comfort, making their remote work experience a little more indulgent and enjoyable. 

15) Mug warmer 

Elevate your employees' coffee breaks with the practical luxury of a Mug Warmer. This thoughtful and convenient choice for unique corporate gifts ensures that their favorite beverages stay warm throughout the workday. 

Ideal for those immersed in tasks or meetings, these compact warmers provide a constant and cozy temperature for every sip. 

Show your appreciation by enhancing their daily rituals with a touch of warmth and functionality. The Mug Warmer is not just a practical accessory; it's a gesture that makes their work moments a little more delightful and comforting.

16) Essential oil diffuser 

Transform your employees' workspaces into havens of tranquility with the soothing gift of an Essential Oil Diffuser. This thoughtful and practical choice for unique corporate gifts for employees allows them to create a calming ambiance, promoting focus and relaxation during their work hours. 

From the invigorating scent of citrus to the calming aroma of lavender, these diffusers offer a customisable sensory experience. Show your appreciation by bringing a touch of serenity to their work environment. 

The Essential Oil Diffuser is more than a gift; it's a gesture that fosters a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere, acknowledging the importance of well-being in the workplace.

17) Fancy pens 

Elevate your employees' writing experience with the sophisticated charm of Fancy Pens, a perfect example of our unique corporate gifts collection. This stylish and practical gift not only adds a touch of elegance to their desk but also enhances their daily note-taking or creative endeavors. 

Choose from sleek designs, premium materials, and smooth writing mechanisms to make every stroke a luxurious experience. Show your appreciation by offering a writing instrument that reflects their dedication and attention to detail.

18) Customized keychains 

Personalise your appreciation with Customised Keychains – a thoughtful and practical choice for cool gifts for employees. These unique keychains not only keep their keys organized but also add a touch of individuality to their daily routine. 

From initials to company logos, customise the design to make it a memorable keepsake. Show your team members that you value their contributions by offering a small yet meaningful token that they can carry with them everywhere. 

Customised Keychains are not just accessories; they're a personalised expression of gratitude, reminding them of their importance to the team.

19) Customized ornaments 

Celebrate the season and your team's achievements with Customised Ornaments – a unique and heartfelt choice for unique corporate gifts for employees. These personalised treasures go beyond traditional decor, allowing you to capture special moments and express gratitude. 

Showcase company milestones or personal achievements, creating a memorable keepsake that symbolizes the shared experiences within your workplace. Customised Ornaments are a thoughtful and lasting token of appreciation for your valued team members

20) Customised fridge magnets

Personalise your team's spaces with Customised Fridge Magnets – one of our thoughtful, practical and unique corporate gift ideas. These magnets not only hold important notes but also serve as daily reminders of appreciation, adorned with company logos or motivational quotes. 

Show your team you value their uniqueness with a small yet impactful item that adds a personalised touch to their home or office space. Customised Fridge Magnets are more than decorations; they're a daily token of the positive connection between your team and the workplace.

21) Desk mats 

Upgrade your employees' workstations with Desk Mats – one of our great gift ideas for employees, offering a stylish and practical addition to their workspace. These versatile mats not only protect surfaces but also add a touch of professionalism to their workspace. Choose from various designs and sizes to suit individual preferences and office aesthetics. 

Show your team that you care about their comfort and work environment by providing a functional accessory that enhances both productivity and the overall look of their desks. 

22) Nesting trays

Elevate your employees' organization game with Nesting Trays – a chic and practical choice for unique corporate gifts that adds style to their workspace. These versatile trays not only keep items neatly arranged but also showcase sophistication. 

Tailor your choice from various sizes and designs, offering a thoughtful solution to declutter their desks. Nesting Trays are more than organizational tools; they're a stylish touch that enhances both functionality and aesthetics in their workspaces.

23) Plant Therapy Mini Portable Diffuser

Bring the therapeutic power of essential oils wherever your employees go with the Plant Therapy Mini Portable Diffuser, one of our great gift ideas for employees. This compact and stylish diffuser is the perfect on-the-go companion, offering a refreshing burst of aromatherapy whether at work or on the move. 

With its sleek design and USB portability, it's one of the practical, thoughtful and cool gifts for employees that adds a touch of tranquility to their daily routine. 

Show your team you care about their well-being with the Plant Therapy Mini Portable Diffuser – a small yet impactful gesture for a calmer and more enjoyable environment.

24) Unique candles

Ignite warmth and ambiance with Unique Candles – a distinctive and thoughtful addition to our collection of unique gifts for employees. Beyond the ordinary, these candles boast artisanal designs and captivating scents, creating a cozy workspace. 

Tailor your selection to individual tastes, showcasing your appreciation with a gesture that adds both personality and warmth to their homes. Unique Candles are more than decorations; they're a symbol of gratitude brightening both atmosphere and spirits for your valued employees.

25) Customised alphabets cups

Add a personal touch to your team's coffee breaks with Customised Alphabet Cups – a thoughtful and delightful addition to our collection of unique corporate gifts. Featuring individual initials, these unique cups bring a personalised flair to their daily routines. 

Choose from a range of designs and colors, showing your appreciation with a small but distinctive item that enhances their break times. More than just mugs, Customised Alphabet Cups are a personalised nod to the unique contributions each team member brings to the workplace.


In conclusion, the world of unique corporate gifts offers a myriad of opportunities to express appreciation and foster a positive work environment. Whether it's through personalised items like customised mugs, stylish desk accessories, or thoughtful tokens like plants and candles, these gifts go beyond the ordinary, creating lasting impressions on employees and office staff. 

By choosing unique corporate gift ideas that reflect individual tastes and celebrate the unique contributions of each team member, companies can strengthen connections, boost morale, and create workspaces that inspire creativity and productivity. 

As we explore the art of corporate gifting, let these thoughtful gestures serve as a testament to the value placed on the people who make the workplace truly exceptional.


1) What are Unique Corporate Gifts and why they are important? 

Unique corporate gifts, personalised and distinctive, serve as expressions of appreciation and goodwill towards employees, clients, or partners. These gifts play a vital role in building strong relationships, boosting morale, and setting a company apart in a competitive landscape. 

By celebrating milestones and incorporating thoughtful touches, unique corporate gifts contribute to fostering lasting connections and positive brand associations within the business ecosystem.

2) Does Personalisation make a gift unique? 

Yes, personalisation adds a distinctive touch that transforms a gift into something truly unique. Tailoring a gift to an individual's preferences, interests, or experiences shows thoughtful consideration and goes beyond generic offerings. Whether it's custom initials, a personalised message, or a unique design, the effort put into personalization makes the recipient feel special and valued. 

3) What is the typical lead time for ordering and receiving unique corporate gifts?

The lead time for unique corporate gifts depends on factors like customisation complexity, order volume, shipping method, and peak seasons. It's advisable to start the ordering process well in advance, especially for personalised or large-volume orders. 

Consider potential delays during peak gift-giving seasons and communicate with suppliers for accurate production and shipping timelines. Planning ahead ensures a smooth process and timely delivery for your corporate gifting needs.