All of us need protection from harmful germs, bacteria, pollutants and toxins present in the air. These harmful substances can give us many dangerous disorders and illnesses besides COVID-19. Hence, we need to focus on our safety and trust only the best quality masks to protect ourselves. Swiss Military offers you the best A95+ reusable masks for your adequate protection. 

These reusable masks are made from premium fabric to give superior anti-bacterial filtration. High bacteria and particle filtration efficiency can enhance your safety. There are soft borders around the edges and an and adjustable nose clip to give you a comfortable wearing experience. The masks come with an exhalation valve and they are reusable upto 30 washes.

The A95+ reusable masks provide maximum face coverage. Each mask has three layers for your protection.
Layer 1 (Outermost layer): Premium air mesh material to filter the rough particulate matter
Layer 2 (Core filtration system): Smaller and finer bacterial filter with imported melt-blown material
Layer 3 (Innermost later): Soft anti-bacterial fabric for breathability 

Get the A95+ masks to protect yourself and your family.



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