This wooden frame has a stand and a hook both, this allows it to be used on the table and be hung on the wall as well. 

A high quality perpetual wooden calendar with a detachable , easy to write and easy to wipe white board.

Rectangle Kraft Note Pad Holder.

A high quality perpetual wooden calendar with a 6in X 4in photo frame. 

Standard Kraft Organizer.

The smart cube shape of the pen stand makes it look good on any table, while taking the minimum amount of space.

A product that houses everything you need for your Desk. Try our House of Sticky Notes Crafted by Kraft Paper.

A briefcase is a traditional office item, inspired by the same we have created this unique pen and visiting card holder. 

A Desk Organizer that houses a Penstand, Sticky notes, Post Its etc. Open Top design.

A coloured bulletin board for pictures, to-do lists, messages, bills or any other piece of paper you do not want to loose; with an easy to wipe writing board for quick notes.

Kraft Based Pocket Wiro Notepad is a perfect example of how all good things come in small packages.

A high quality current year paper calendar from our 'Warli' collection, with a blue soft board to pin cards, papers or messages. 

An Organizer which has a right balance of Utility and Aesthetic. Try it now.

A high quality Current year paper calendar from our 'Warli' collection, with a easy to write and easy to wipe whiteboard to keep a track of your to-do lists. 

Try our Kraft Wiro Notebook with Ruled Pages and rule your workplace.

This master desk organizer includes four beautiful wooden coasters, a detachable white board for messages and to-do lists, a pen stand, a visiting card holders and a smart high quality current year paper calendar. 

Get Surprised by the efficiency and organization it brings to your workflow and desk. Try our Kraft Box Of Surprise today.

A small minimalistic perpetual wooden calendar with wooden blocks for dates and month. Takes very little space and looks smart. 

An Organizer is meant to be multipurpose & eco- friendly. Kraft Multipurpose Tray Open Box Kit is all three.

These Tea light holder with tea light is a set of 3 holders handpainted in beautiful color. The smart choice of colors will just uplift and add to the aesthetics of your space.