We are fighting against COVID-19 and the most important weapon in our artillery is protective face masks. We need to have good quality face masks to enhance our protection against harmful viruses. 

High O2 face masks are made from an anti-bacterial fabric, making them ideal for protection during the ongoing pandemic. It can filter 99.9% of bacteria. 

The masks have also undergone UV treatment to enhance your safety. They can protect you against dust, pollution and harmful bacteria. 

The inner layer of the five-layered masks is made from cotton, which makes the protective face masks breathable. They also have an adjustable nose clip to fit properly on your face. There are adjustable elastic bands so that you can adjust the band as per your face. You can wear these masks comfortably for a longer period of time. 

Masks are available in - Only Navy Blue with a colour fastness guarantee. 

The reusability makes these masks cost-effective and convenient for all users. You can safely reuse these masks upto 30 washes. 

This fight against COVID is going to be a long one, you can use these masks to safeguard yourself and everyone around you.




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