Embarking on a new professional journey is both exciting and challenging. An onboarding kit serves as a cornerstone in cultivating a motivated workforce, offering a warm welcome and a roadmap to success.

This thoughtful package equips new hires with tools, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. It embodies company values, inspiring confidence and job satisfaction. Organizations recognize its significance, investing in an employee joining kit for a positive employee experience and long-term success.

What should an employee onboarding kit contain?

1. Informational packet

The informational packet in the onboarding kit offers new employees a comprehensive overview, detailing the company's history, mission, values, and key policies. Serving as a vital reference guide, it empowers them with the knowledge to navigate roles effectively and ensures a quick assimilation into the company's culture for a confident start.

2. Company swag 

Company swag, or "stuff we all get," comprises branded merchandise fostering pride and unity among employees. Adorned with the company's logo, these items serve as tangible reminders of organizational identity, promoting brand recognition and a positive work culture. Elevate your swag with PrintStop's customized gifts for an extraordinary touch.

3. Employee handbook

A vital component of the onboarding kit, the employee handbook is a comprehensive guide to company policies and expectations. This essential resource ensures new hires have clear insights into workplace conduct, benefits, and rights. Serving as a quick reference, it empowers employees to navigate their roles confidently. Its inclusion reflects the company's commitment to transparency and fosters a smooth integration into the organizational culture.

4. Your products

Introduce new hires to the heart of your business by incorporating select company products into the onboarding kit. Beyond showcasing your offerings, this inclusion provides tangible examples of what your brand represents, fostering a deeper connection between employees and the products they will contribute to or work with.

5. Provide customized tech gadgets

Enhance the technological prowess of your team by providing personalized tech gadgets in the joining kit for new employees. From branded USB drives to customized headphones, these functional items not only elevate the work experience but also embody the company's commitment to a modern, cutting-edge work environment.

6. Starter office supplies

Facilitate a seamless transition into the workplace by furnishing new employees with essential customized office supplies. From notebooks and pens to organizational tools, these starter items ensure that individuals are well-equipped to tackle their responsibilities, fostering a sense of preparedness and efficiency.

Encourage a culture of continuous learning by including job-specific books or resources in the onboarding kit. This thoughtful gesture not only equips employees with valuable insights but also underscores the company's commitment to their professional development, creating a foundation for ongoing growth and success.

8. Stress relievers

Prioritize employee well-being with stress-relieving items such as squishy toys or stress balls thoughtfully included in the onboarding kit. These simple tools not only offer quick relief during demanding work moments but also symbolize the company's commitment to cultivating a supportive and stress-aware workplace culture, promoting mental health and work-life balance.

9. Snacks

Nurture a sense of community and elevate morale by incorporating a carefully curated assortment of snacks into the welcome kit for new employees. Whether it's a blend of health-conscious options or indulgent treats, this thoughtful addition creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, fostering social connections during breaks and providing a convenient energy boost for sustained productivity.

10. Fitness items

Champion employee well-being by integrating fitness items like resistance bands, yoga mats, or fitness trackers into the onboarding kit. This gesture underscores the company's dedication to encouraging a healthy work-life equilibrium, inspiring a proactive approach to physical fitness and contributing to the creation of a dynamic and invigorated workforce.

11. Gift card

Express gratitude and flexibility by including a versatile gift card in the onboarding kit. Whether designated for coffee, shopping, or online services, the gift card empowers new hires to select a reward that resonates with their preferences, adding a personalized touch to the welcoming experience and fostering a positive and individualized connection between the employee and the company.

12. Plant or desk decor

Infuse the work environment with nature's touch through plant or desk decor items in the onboarding kit. Beyond aesthetics, greenery promotes a serene atmosphere, enhances air quality, and contributes to a more pleasant workspace. Thoughtfully chosen desk decor further personalizes workspaces, conveying the company's commitment to creating an environment where employees feel valued and at ease in their professional journey.

13. Creative container

Enhance onboarding with a uniquely designed container, whether it's a customized tote or eco-friendly bag. This creative touch not only holds essentials but also symbolizes the company's commitment to innovation. It adds an element of surprise and leaves a lasting impression, setting the tone for a dynamic and inspiring journey within the organization.

Rather than gifting a single item, sending a box of branded accessories will make the onboarding experience exciting for your employees. Discover personalized branded employee joining kits here.

Tips for creating welcome kits

1. Reinforce your culture

Transform welcome kits into cultural touchpoints, intricately weaving elements that mirror your company's ethos. From branded items to personalized messages, immerse new hires in a tangible representation of your organizational values, fostering an immediate and deep-seated connection to the company's identity.

2. Have welcome kits ready

Showcase organizational preparedness by maintaining a stockpile of meticulously curated welcome kits. This proactive approach not only streamlines the onboarding process but also signals an organizational commitment to efficiency, setting a positive precedent for new team members regarding the company's attention to detail.

3. Ship early to remote employees

Extend a virtual handshake to remote employees by prioritizing early shipping for welcome kits. Ensuring timely delivery not only demonstrates inclusivity and care but also aids in seamlessly integrating remote team members, establishing a positive tone for their virtual onboarding journey.

4. Customize the gifts

Elevate the onboarding experience by tailoring gifts in welcome kits to individual preferences or roles. This thoughtful customization not only adds a personal touch but also communicates a genuine acknowledgment of each new employee's uniqueness, laying the groundwork for a positive and individualized introduction to the company culture.

5. Give similar gifts

Strike a harmonious balance between personalization and uniformity by providing comparable gifts across joining kit for employees. While celebrating individuality, maintaining a baseline of consistency ensures fairness, equality, and a shared experience, contributing to a unified and harmonious onboarding journey for the entire team.

Benefits of creating a welcome kit

1. Sharing critical information

Welcome kits serve as a conduit for sharing crucial information with new hires. By encapsulating details about the company's history, policies, and culture, these kits offer a comprehensive introduction, ensuring that employees are equipped with essential knowledge from day one, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

2. Creating a positive first impression

A well-crafted welcome kit contributes to forging a positive first impression. The thoughtful inclusion of branded merchandise, personalized messages, and essential resources demonstrates the company's commitment to a welcoming and supportive environment, fostering a sense of excitement and appreciation among new team members.

3. Representing your company

Welcome kits act as ambassadors, representing your company in a tangible form. Branded items, company swag, and a curated selection of materials collectively convey the organization's identity, values, and unique culture, effectively introducing new hires to the distinctive aspects that make your company stand out in the professional landscape.

4. Helping them feel like a team member

The personalized nature of welcome kits goes beyond information, actively contributing to the emotional aspect of integration. By providing customized gifts and a sense of belonging, these kits play a pivotal role in making new hires feel like valued team members, fostering a positive attitude and encouraging early engagement with the company culture.

5. Helps improve employee performance

A well-welcomed employee is more likely to be motivated and engaged. Welcome kits contribute to improved performance by creating a positive foundation for employees, instilling confidence and a sense of belonging. Employees who feel valued from the start are often more productive and inclined to invest in their roles, contributing to overall organizational success.

6. Improves employee retention rates

The positive experience facilitated by welcome kits can significantly impact employee retention rates. When new hires feel welcomed, valued, and aligned with the company culture from the beginning, it enhances their job satisfaction and loyalty, reducing the likelihood of turnover and contributing to long-term employee retention.

7. Streamlines onboarding

Welcome kits streamline the onboarding process by providing a structured and organized introduction to the company. This not only saves time for both employees and the HR team but also ensures that important information is consistently communicated, fostering a smoother transition and enabling new hires to integrate seamlessly into their roles.

Why is providing a new hire welcome kit important?

Providing a new hire welcome kit is crucial as it sets the foundation for a positive onboarding experience. It fosters a sense of belonging and communicates the company's culture and values through personalized items. The kit boosts employee morale, accelerates integration, and enhances overall job satisfaction.

This thoughtful gesture not only demonstrates organizational professionalism but also contributes to employee retention by creating a memorable and engaging introduction to the workplace. Additionally, it differentiates the employer brand, making the company more attractive in a competitive job market, ultimately facilitating successful recruitment efforts.


In essence, welcome kits strategically shape a positive workplace by seamlessly integrating new hires with personalized touches and company culture. These kits, emphasizing customization and organizational readiness, contribute to improved performance and heightened morale.

Beyond streamlining onboarding, they symbolize a commitment to individual value, fostering camaraderie. With timely shipping and a balanced approach, welcome kits not only enhance retention rates but also differentiate the employer brand in a competitive job market, creating a positive narrative for both new hires and prospective talent.


1. Can new employee welcome kits be branded with company names and logos?

Yes, new employee welcome kits can be branded with company names and logos. Adding the company's identity to the kits enhances brand visibility, fosters a sense of belonging, and creates a cohesive and professional onboarding experience. It's a common practice to reinforce the organizational brand from the moment new hires receive their welcome kits.

2. How much should I expect to spend on a welcome kit?

The cost of a welcome kit in INR varies based on content and customization. On average, companies spend between 3,000 to 10,000 INR per kit. Factors like branded merchandise, tech gadgets, and personalized items contribute to the overall expense. Consider your budget and the desired impact on new hires when determining the appropriate spending range.