Fuzo Ticker 3 in 1 charging timer cable is the need of the hour. Wondering why? Because today, all of us have multiple devices like iPhones, tablets, smart watches, etc. Now, if you are using an iPhone with an Android tablet, you’ll be required to carry a separate charging cable for each of them. Fuzo Ticker 3 in 1  timer cable is the answer. 

Fuzo Ticker 3 in 1 charging timer cable supports Apple, Android and other Type C enabled devices. It is a 3 in 1 USB fast charging cable that offers you a good way to minimise the number of cords you carry around, and it can be stored pretty neatly. 

This fast charging multi cable from Fuzo has a timer to set charging time between 1 to 5 hours. An auto cut-off feature is available in the timer. Once the time elapses, the charging will be turned off automatically. 

Fuzo ticker 3 in 1 charging timer cable is one metre long cable. The connector ends are robust, thicker, and easier to grip. Android and iPhones can be charged quickly. Heat reduction technology is available in this 3 in 1 USB fast charging cable. Buy it now.

Branding area: 1.5' (W) x 0.3' (H)
Personalisation type: UV Printing
Colour: Black
Length of Cable: 1 meter

Note: 6 months replacement warranty for any manufacturing defect will be handled by PrintStop.



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