Queuing up for almost everything is one of the several things that coronavirus has brought in. Since it is crucial to avoid crowds in one place, people have to stand in queues and wait for their turn. Everywhere, right from a bank to a grocery store, you will see people patiently waiting for their turn. Social distancing norms need to be practised even while waiting. And to ensure that, organisations can use floor stickers.

Place each floor sticker at least six feet apart from the other one so that people maintain enough distance to prevent the spread of the virus. These floor tile stickers will be extremely useful for places like retail stores, banks, schools and colleges, hospitals, offices and other public places.
The stickers can be used to indicate where a person stands in the queue. The floor stickers also have messaging in them to urge people to maintain social distancing.

Custom floor stickers at PrintStop are available in different sizes, shapes and languages. Depending on the location you are using it, you can select one. If you want to make a customised floor sticker for your brand, you can use the option to upload your own design. It allows you to upload an artwork specifically for your brand and give a targeted message to your customers.



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