Recycled Newspaper Pencils
(single pack containing 500 individual pencils)

Do you think that it is possible to make pencils from newspaper? We hope your answer is affirmative because you can now buy recycled newspaper pencils. The newspapers you read and discard on a daily basis are being made into pencils for taking a small yet important step forwards towards sustainability. 

The newspaper pencils are made in India from 100% used newspapers. A great and highly necessary alternative to wooden pencils, these recycled newspaper pencils have no toxic chemicals or plastic whatsoever. 2500 of such recycled paper pencils would save a 20ft pine tree, now isn’t that something? 

The great thing about the recycled newspaper pencil is that not only is it eco-friendly, but it can be easily personalized online in just a few clicks. We can customize your pencils and make them appear unique. You can engrave your child’s name on these newspaper pencils and surprise them. When you give a child a recycled paper pencil, you are instilling the importance of using eco-friendly products right from a small age. 

The enterprises too can use the newspaper pencils with the company name or logo as a great promotional gift or for charity purposes. To, customise these pencils, you simply have to upload your own logo or other text that you want to appear on the pencil.

The price calculator lets you keep a realistic check on your expenses. Order eco-friendly newspaper pencils now. 

Branding size: 5MM (W) x 0.5MM (H)
Personalisation technology: Screen Printing
MOQ: 1 pack of 500 pencils



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