One of the key reasons for the COVID-19 outbreak was physical contact with affected people and contaminated surfaces. The only way to flatten the curve is to avoid physical contact. One can do that by using Swiss Military’s disposable full body suit.  Each PPE kit contains body overalls, shoe cover, latex gloves, and a mask. The body suit is made out of breathable material for the convenience of its wearer. A full body suit ensures that no part of your body is exposed to any virus.

Healthcare workers, security personnel and cleaning staff are working round the clock and are putting their own lives at risk while doing their jobs. They are the ones who need this PPE kit the most. Hence, PrintStop is now offering full body suits and enables you to buy these PPE kits in bulk to safeguard your employees and health care workers. 

There is no minimum order quantity for buying body suits. You can get even a single body suit. Once you place your order, your PPE kits are shipped in just 5 working days and are delivered right at your doorstep.

For ultimate protection, order full body suits online from PrintStop.

Each kit contains:
Bodysuit, 3 ply mask, latex gloves, shoe cover



will ship out in
 05 Days