Gadgets have become a way of life for most of us. Wherever we are going, we carry a lot of gadgets and cables with us. This increases the chances of wires getting tangled and breaking. Hence, we bring you a product that solves this problem forever - Fuzo Gadget Organizer Case - OCD. 

Fuzo gadget organizer case is a well-designed cable organizer bag made for storing chargers, headphones, SD cards, and all the other tech accessories that you have in one place. 

The Fuzo gadget organizer case is big enough for holding most of your electronics with ease like batteries, chargers, USB cords, earphones, SD cards, electrical adapters, etc.The two zippered pockets are provided to store your electronic accessories and cables. The case is made from sturdy and premium material to keep all your devices safe. 

If you are looking to create brand promotion at an affordable price, investing in this customised gadget organizer is a good choice. 

Branding area: 2' (W) x 4' (H)
Personalisation type:  Fusing
Colour: Black



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 20 Days
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