Be it a rainy day or a sunny day, an umbrella is always a must. You need to keep it handy to protect yourself from scorching heat and heavy downpours. We might find it difficult to carry an umbrella wherever we go but it is an essential item when it comes to unforeseen weather conditions. 

We know the primary use of an umbrella is to protect us from harsh weather. But, how about using umbrellas as a marketing tool? We bring you this 21 inches 2 fold umbrella in different colours that can be customised to meet your marketing needs. 

An umbrella is a great promotional tool because it has practical usage and everyone needs it. People appreciate companies that use umbrellas for promotional gifts. It speaks a lot about the organisation. 

Companies that choose umbrellas for corporate gifting are regarded as kind and generous with their gifts. It also reflects how smartly your company thinks and can get creative with something as ordinary as an umbrella. 

You can choose a colour that best describes your purpose and goes well with the logo of your company. These branded umbrellas can work as walking advertisements for your company. No matter where they go, they will be a point of conversation among the people. 
So, gain more attention for your business in the most economical way with custom-printed umbrellas.

Personalisation type : Digital Printing 
Branding area : 5' (W) x 5' (H) 
Colour : Blue, White, Black, Orange and Green



will ship out in
20 Days
(Mon - Sat)