Boost brand visibility with custom umbrellas from PrintStop. Our high-quality, personalised umbrellas are a smart addition to your marketing strategy. Branded with your logo, this personalised umbrella serves as a walking advertisement, ensuring your name stays visible during rainy days and outdoor events. Practical, stylish, and effective for building brand recognition.

Make your store gifting plan exciting with customised umbrellas.

Promote your brand with a cost-effective customised Kargil umbrella.

Get ready for unforeseen weather with customised travel umbrellas.

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Personalised Umbrellas with your Brand’s Logo

Branded umbrellas are a walking advertisement, subtly promoting your brand wherever they go. Make a lasting impression, rain or shine, with customised umbrellas from PrintStop. Our high-quality umbrellas with logo, are a powerful tool for corporate branding and marketing. Promotional umbrellas offer a practical and tangible way to showcase your brand, ensuring visibility during downpours, commutes, or outdoor events.  
Customise your umbrellas to perfectly reflect your brand identity – choose from a variety of colours, designs, and logo placements to create a cohesive brand image. By associating your logo with a useful item like an umbrella, you'll not only enhance brand recall but also foster positive brand associations –  people will appreciate your thoughtful and practical giveaway.  

Ordering Made Easy & Outstanding Quality

We offer a wide range of umbrella styles and sizes to suit your needs. Our streamlined ordering system makes it easy to upload your logo, choose your desired customisations, and place your order in minutes. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we provide prompt support throughout the process. Crafted from premium materials, our corporate umbrellas are built to last, ensuring durability and reflecting positively on your brand's reputation for quality. Invest in printed umbrellas today and watch your brand recognition soar!

1. Is it possible for me to upload a logo or design directly from my computer?
A. Yes, you can upload your logo or design directly from your computer. 

2. What methods are utilized to incorporate my logo onto the customised umbrellas?
A. Digital Printing technique is used to incorporate your logo onto the Umbrellas.

3. Am I allowed to purchase only a single customised umbrella?
A. No, the purchase must be a bulk order. The Minimum Order Quantity is 50 umbrellas. 

4. What range of colours do you offer for the umbrellas?
A. You can choose from a range of White, Blue, Black, Orange and Green for the umbrellas.

5. Are there any limitations on the size or placement of the logo on the umbrellas?
A. The size of the logo and its placement is fixed on the umbrellas. 

6. Do you offer any additional customisation options apart from logos, such as slogans or taglines?
A. Yes, we do offer Additional Customization options as per your design requirements. 

7. Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining the quality of the customised umbrellas?
A. While specific guidelines may not exist, maintaining the quality of Umbrellas is easily achieved through proper storage, regular cleaning, and mindful handling.

8. Are there any discounts or promotions available for repeat orders or long-term partnerships?
A. Absolutely, there are special offers and discounts available for long-term partnerships or repeat orders. Get in touch with our customer service team to learn more about it.