Looking for a sustainable alternative for casual backpacks? Try the Rejean Dual Shaded Denim Tote bags. It is a multipurpose tote bag for all your outdoor needs. You can carry it to work, shopping or outings. The dual shade gives it a cool, fashionable look and makes you look like a true fashionista. The tote bag is eco-friendly and is made using premium quality upcycled denim fabric. Although the bag is made from recycled materials, the strength and durability of the tote bag are worth appreciating. 
The making of the bag involves zero waste production and prevents the product from ending up in a landfill after its useful life. Thus, reducing the carbon footprint and encouraging reuse and repurposing of the materials used. This denim tote bag is completely handmade by local artisans. It does not depend on energy-intensive machines, giving a unique touch to the bag. 
People and businesses that look forward to a greener and sustainable environment can contribute to the cause with the use of these tote bags. Replace the conventional bags with the eco-friendly denim tote bag and take your first step towards a sustainable tomorrow. 
You can customise the bags with your brand name, logo, or message. The bag has enough space for branding. We customise the tote bags as per the need of our clients. So, whether you want to buy personalised tote bags for your personal use or brand promotional purposes, get them made the way you want. 

Personalisation type : Vinyl Print 
Branding area : 3' (W) x 6' (H)



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 07 Days