Fuzo desk organiser desk collective has the coolest mouse pad you will ever come across, and that's why this desk organiser makes a fantastic corporate gifting idea. So, it's not just a mouse pad. There is a slot available on the left side of the customised office desk organiser where you can keep your pen or stylus, and on the right side, you have a section which acts as a writing pad.

Once you are done with your writing you can erase it. This erasable writing makes it easy to take temporary notes. Above the erasable writing tab, you can find a wireless charger or mobile phone stand for your mobile phone. If you want to watch some movie or any video, you can keep it on the stand.
You can print your logo on the right side of the customised desk collective.. When the desk collective is powered, the logo will be displayed. The entire Fuzo desk organiser desk collective gets powered by a USB device that can be connected to your laptop or power bank charger. So, no need to carry a separate charger, with this gadget and cable organiser you can use your phone with ease. 

Branding area: 3' (W) x 0.75' (H)
Personalisation type: UV Printing
Colour: Black




will ship out in
07 days
(Mon - Sat)