A cluttered desk annoys us all. A well-organised desk not only helps us find our things quickly but also allows us to be more efficient. Understanding this need, Bamboo India brings this mobile and desk organiser.

Most of the times, we tend to lose our pens or pencils on our desk, and when we need them urgently like taking down notes during a phone call, they have a magical ability to disappear.  Here's a way to make them available whenever you need them - use this desk organiser. There are slots to keep your pens and mobile phones. 

We keep our phone on the desk most of the times. It might happen that we accidentally hit it and the phone might fall and break. Such instances could be avoided with this desk accessory.

It is a great product, not just for you but also for our environment. The product is made using bamboo and produced using sustainable practices. You need not worry about leaving a huge carbon footprint. On the surface, it might feel like a small thing, but when you compile the small impact that each one of us can make by using eco-friendly products, we will see a significant outcome.   

So, if you are a brand that wants to reach out to its customers or employees while encouraging environmentally friendly practices, here's a product that you should invest in.  

Personalisation type : Laser Engraving
Branding Area : 6' (W) x 1.5' (H) 
Product size in cms: 2(H) X 2(W) X 8(B) 



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