We are living in a digitally connected world. Every day new inventions are made to make our lives better. This Google Nest Hub is designed to meet the modern requirements of the people. It comes with a built-in Google Assistant and voice match. This allows you to access Google photos, your personalised schedules, map and traffic details for the daily commute, reminders of important messages and tasks, play music, do binge-watching, and more without using your hands. You just have to say “OK Google” followed by the task you want it to do for you and see the things get done. You can even connect Google Nest Hub with various compatible devices to control them by just giving a single command. Devices like T.V, A.C, smart light, etc, are compatible with Google Nest Hub. This is a multi-functional gadget. Apart from working as your personal assistant, it also works as a digital frame for your house. 
You can access your favourite photos on Google Nest Hub and use them as a digital frame to complement the home décor. It is also your personal entertainer. To take away your boredom, it has an in-built Ludo Pro. You can ask your Google Nest Hub to connect you to the game and enjoy it without any interruption. 
The stylish design and smart user interface make it a perfect modern-day gadget. You can use this product to gift your near and dear ones. Be it your most hardworking employee, your most loyal customer, or your biggest investors, use the custom printed Google Nest Hub to please them. Just customise the device with your message or logo and promote your brand in a modern way. 

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Personalisation type: Metal engraved plate
Branding area:
 3' (W) x 1' (H)
Colour: Black
Warranty: One Year Manufacturing Warranty



will ship out in
07 days
(Mon - Sat)