The digital era that we live in won’t be able to outdo the experience of writing things on paper. There is something so authentic about writing by hand that digital note-taking can never provide. That is why a lot of people always carry a pen with them.

What you write is important, so choose a pen which makes your handwriting look vivid and alive. Right from a freelancer making a to-do list, a student taking down notes to a business professional signing important documents, everyone will find the roller pen useful.

The executive rollerball pen uses liquid ink which flows freely on all kinds of papers. This means that lesser pressure is required to write with a rollerball pen as compared to other types of pens. You won’t experience hand fatigue even if you write for a longer duration. 

You can make the executive rollerball pen even more appealing by customising it. Order a personalized rollerball pen by simply choosing one of the ready-to-use designs. 

A custom rollerball pen engraved with the company name or logo can go a long way in business promotions. 
Branding area: 4 CM (W)
Colours: Stain Silver, Rich Black, and Gun Metal 
Personalisation technology: Laser engraving
Branding color : Golden



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05 Days
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