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Buy 25 Fridge Magnets for Rs. 1000

Make your fridge a canvas to showcase artistic fridge magnets. Get our fridge magnets online and give them to your clients or employees and promote your business effectively.

Several brands send a fridge magnet or other other customised gift along with each and every order. It enables the customers to remember their brand even after they are done using the product. If used effectively, fridge magnets can be really useful.

Our custom fridge magnets are personalised based on your specifications and design preferences. Their unique designs and higher durability have made them the best choice for gifting purposes. They come with an ideal thickness of 0.75 mm.

These personalised fridge magnets are printed in multicolour and you can order a minimum of 25 pieces. They’re also available in different shapes. You can even get them with attractive glossy finish to garner maximum attention.

Order these custom fridge magnets now!

The options include: 

  • Square / Rectangle Shapes 
  • Square / Rectangle Shapes with Round Corners 
  • Circle / Oval Shapes 
  • Custom Shape



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