ID Card Designing

ID Cards are key to Office Security, Productivity and Brand Identity. They define and talk about your brand, provide you with handy information about your employees, and specifically helps you identify each of them (Which is true in large enterprises).

Why are ID Cards important for Startups & Small Business:

Security. Fewer People in the company leads to easy access to office space. Which in turn could lead to data theft, unauthorized and unsupervised access etc? 

ID Cards allows you to create a distinct brand identity that will resonate well among your customers and will be a symbol of pride for your Employees and Team. 

For ID Cards we offer single sided & back to back designs, wherein typically the front consists of - Employee Image, Employee Code, Brand Logo. And the back would consist of other relevant and important information like Emergency Contact Details of the Employee, Residential Address of the Employee, Blood Group, and Brand's Office Address. 

What's there to design you ask?

Tons. From adding a backdrop to the ID Cards to structuring the front view of the ID Cards. Using a vibrant mix of colours to make your ID Cards standout. Correct readable fonts, spacing etc. 

To design a unique Standout ID Card, it's also important to get your Lanyards designed. Choosing a relevant colour, designs, and incorporating your brand logo on the lanyards.

Custom Design ID Cards Online

You can now order your ID Cards online from your Offices, Co-working Spaces, Cubicles, Cafes or your homes by uploading your design brief online.

Talk to our design experts, who would not only understand your requirements pertaining to the product but will also try and align their thought process with your Brand's Vision. 


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