Fully Adjustable lenses: Now you can adjust pupil distance and objects distance for individual lenses in the vr headset . Suitable for different eye sights for comfortable and immersive Virtual reality experience.
BLUETOOTH REMOTE:It uses Bluetooth technology for interacting with VR apps and games like Dino VR Shooter, House of terror VR 360 horror.No batteries are provided in the remote please put 2 AAA batteries.
In Built Touch button : used for triggering the actions in VR Games and apps like play/pause,next/previous and for multiple selections in VR apps.Remote is not compatible IOS and samsung galaxy series mobiles.
High Comfort levels : New design with super light ABS plastic, with strong build quality of the VR headset for low pressure on your face. Three way adjustable head strap,foam face cushioning and removable front panel of the virtual reality headset provides comfortable vr experience. Watch High quality Videos at 1080 P and above for best vr experience. Watch Your Loved movies in VR on Irusu VR Cinema Player.

Warranty: 3 months brand warranty
Color: Black
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Branding Size: 2.5 (W) x 0.9 (H) inch
Printing Technology: Screen Printing



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