Irusu monster VR is the best-calibrated virtual reality headset with 42mm hd resin lenses. The headset comes with Irusu remote controller and the built-in touch button. The VR headset is compatible with leading mobile brands like apple iphone 6 and plus, samsung, xiaomi, lenovo, oneplus, moto, lg, nexus, google pixel, leeco le2, and other mobiles that have a gyroscope sensor. Irusu monster VR headset has an excellent design that gives it a premium look. It weighs around 327g, which is very light in weight and can be easily used for a long duration without any strain. Irusu monster VR headset lenses can be adjusted in two ways. 1. Inter-pupillary distance adjustment- it can help people to fine-tune the lens as per ones eyesight 2. Focal adjustment - 2.1 it can be used to focus on the mobile screen for a sharp image. Also suitable for short eyesight 2.2 the headset has soft couching which is used for sweat resistance and it makes you feel comfortable while using the VR headset. 2.3. Irusu monster VR headset can be used for various VR content like watching 360 videos,3d side by side videos, normal videos, and playing VR games too. Get the whole VR experience and much more with this VR headset like never before.

Warranty: 3 months brand warranty
Color: Black
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Branding Size: 2.5 (W) x 0.9 (H) inch
Printing Technology: Screen Printing



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