Name Badges Printing

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Name badges help you flaunt your association with your company and your position with pride. Conventionally, the name badges have pins or clips that can pierce holes and tear the fabric of your clothes.

Magnetic Name Badges are great alternatives to the traditional name badges. Instead of wearing a name card or hanging it around our neck, you can simply use a name badge. Not only does a magnetic name card add a sophisticated look, but it also prevents the damage done to your clothes by pins or clips.
The magnetic name badges come with a good-quality magnet that will hold your badge in place without letting it fall or get misplaced. You can easily wear and remove it.

These Magnetic Name Badges are durable, convenient to use, and of excellent quality. You can get these name badges customised with your company logo, name, designation, or any other details you want. To generate artworks for multiple people, you can simply upload an excel file with all the names and multiple artworks will be automatically generated. All of this content can be printed in full colour and in any size you want. You just need to pick the size and design, rest will be done for you. Once you place the order, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Sizes Available:
7001 Golden : 75mm (w) x 32mm (h)
7001 Silver : 75mm (w) x 32mm (h)
7011 Golden : 65mm (w) x 20mm (h)
7013 Golden : 70mm (w) x 30mm (h)
7021 Clear : 75mm (w) x 20mm (h)
7024 Clear : 70mm (w) x 25mm (h)

Printing: Digital Printing



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