Servewell Alaska water bottle is affordable and a good investment if you want to buy eco friendly water bottles. 

We are advised to use BPA free water bottles to safeguard ourselves from harmful carcinogenic chemicals. And hence, these personalised stainless steel water bottles are the choice of many athletes and adventurers. Completely plastic-free, Servewell Alaska water bottles are good for you and the environment.

This Servewell Alaska water bottle can be used by anyone for any purpose. Since it is made from steel,it can also hold water or beverages at a high temperature. Since it is single wall, the bottle is lightweight and easy to carry. Be it office, colleges or gyms, people can carry it anywhere. 

If your organisation believes in sustainable growth and you want to endorse the same message, you must go for this environmentally friendly water bottle. It is a well-designed sleek bottle that people would love to carry around a customised water bottle with your logo on it.

Branding area: 4 (H) x 0.75 (W) inch (on both sides)
Personalisation type: Engraving
Colour: Red, Silver, Black
Capacity: 675 ml



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